Thursday, May 15, 2008

Alaksa: It's Ferguson

Dallas Ferguson will be announced as the new head coach of Alaska at a press conference today, beating out Wisconsin assistant coach Kevin Patrick for the job.

Ferguson palyed for the Nanooks from 1992 to 1996 and has been an assistant coach there since 2004. He'll now get a shot to run the program at his alma mater.


Anonymous said...

Dallas is a great guy and he'll do well as the head coach.

Congratulations to him!

Anonymous said...

Alaksa? yeah looks like your a NCAA graduate too. ha- ha

Anonymous said...

I think that's how America's Hat spells it.

Anonymous said...

At least Dallas will have to deal with the over recruiting that took place, not someone who didn't have a part in it.

They say the players all like Dallas, but how long will that last when he has to start cutting several players, as they still clearly have too many for next season. 13 incoming? Oh my.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who think the recruiting site is alawaya right need to wise up, Alaska is not over recruited because of players leaving early and some recruits may not be academically eligible. BUT I GUESS YOU GUYS JUST HAVE TO BE BE NAGATIVE.