Thursday, April 10, 2008

Zatkoff Signs

The Los Angeles Kings announced today that they have signed Miami goalie Jeff Zatkoff to a 3-year deal, ending a couple days of speculation that Zatkoff would forego his senior season.

It's probably not an unexpected move given how good Zatkoff has been in his three years at Miami. Yesterday, Miami announced that Fairbanks(NAHL) goalie Cody Reichard officially signed his letter of intent to play at Miami next season.


gofalcons said...

I suppose anything is possible but Miami can't be looking forward to having two freshman goalies next season. Cody Reichard's numbers look good this year but he stepped down a little in leagues going from two years in the USHL to the NAHL. His two years in the USHL were less than impressive with a GAA around 4.00 each season. Connor Knapp is a huge 18-year old with one year of Junior experience in the even lower EJHL.

The Redhawks cannot be thrilled with Zatkoff's decision.

Anonymous said...

Life's a beach for Jean-Phillippe:

1) Getting a serious case of sunburn
2) Took a lovely dive after Gerbe's first goal
3) Can't stop a beach ball

At least the Hobey vote was taken prior to this debacle.

Anonymous said...

Like M was when Jack Johnson left, the Redhawks will be fine. It is college hockey and kids move on.

Anonymous said...

I thought Knapp wasn't starting until 2009...was his entry moved up?

gofalcons said...

I don't know anything about when Knapp is planning to start school except that he's committed to Miami. If he doesn't come this year they'll have to recruit another goalie or depend on Reichard to carry the whole load as their other goalie, Jon Whitacre, has played a full minute (against Robert Morris) in his two year college career.

It's much easier to recover from a skater's early departure since there are more of them and they don't play 60 minutes a night. Pinning your hopes on a freshman goalies can work (Bachman, for example) but if they don't make the adjustment fast you are screwed. Jimmy Spratt, anyone?