Friday, April 04, 2008

Nodl Signs with Flyers

Err, probably.

If my Austrian is any good, this newspaper report says that St. Cloud forward Andreas Nodl has signed with the Philadelphia Flyers.


Cristen said...

Very roughly translated:

The next Austrian ice hockey-talent takes course on the NHL. The 21-year-old Viennese Andreas Nödl signed a contract in the Philadelphia Flyers and should be give next weekend in the farm team Philadelphia phantom in the AHL pro-debut. "I signed and would fly on Saturday to Philadelphia", confirmed the striker on Friday vis-à-vis the APA - Austria press agency.

Nödl takes therewith a similar way such as Austria NHL-star Thomas Vanek. In Sioux if Stampede in the US junior league USHL holds, there where Vanek a few more records, got a the Viennese in America foothold (29 gates, nomination into the All-Star-Team). Philadelphia became on the young Austrian attentive and draftete it in June 2006 as a number 39th Nödl changed thereupon - so like Vanek - for two years into the Western Collegiate hockey Association (WCHA) where he proved its gate hunter qualities in St. Cloud State (into Minnesota) also on higher level.

In the preceding year, Nödl with 18 hits of best scorer of the "huskies", 46 points was place meant one under all novices of the US-College-League and new school-record for a Freshman, that until there mat Cullen (41 points 1995/96) had held. The centers was selected among other things to the WCHA-Rookie of the year and was priced nationwide as a best College-novice.

In the expired season, Nödl with hits was renewed 18 (in addition 26 Assists) second-best scorer of St. Cloud. In the Play-ape to be sure St. Cloud failed immediately to start. "For the team it was no good year because we lost immediately. I better played than a last season, became more constant", so Nödl. The Scouts of the Flyers made itself regularly a picture therefrom after it had shown already in the summer-training camp. "It showed, that it a very talented player is", had served declared Luce, director to be player-development in Philadelphia, at that time.

Now Nödl made becomes aped concern the next step, therewith the AHL-Play-the Calder Cup presumably with three Austrians in scene. The Philadelphia phantoms are certain have on best way into the Finalphase, Hartford wolf pack with the complaint ford defender Thomas Pöck (26) and Manitoba mosses with the Villacher striker Michael Grabner (20) its place already.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you Nodl, we'll miss you.

Jeff said...

Link that doesn't require translation.

Anonymous said...


Party of one.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean That Lasch might be gone as well?

Anonymous said...

check TSN for an english story on his signing.

Anonymous said...

Lasch isn't going anywhere...again!

Anonymous said...

No it doesn't mean Lasch might be gone. While SCSU fans didn't like it and thought he should stay, Nodl was at high risk for leaving, Lasch is at very low almost no risk of leaving.

Anonymous said...

Any underclassman who scores 53 points in the WCHA is a danger to leave early. The fact that Lasch is 5-9 makes it more likely he'll stay
and develop. I don't know how he feels about academics. So who knows what value he places on his degree.

The fact that he is undrafted actually increases the chance he will leave, because any NHL team can now sign him to a pro contract.

Being from California makes him more an unknown quantity. Likely scouts will not have seen much of him.

It would certainly be interesting to know what Duncan (UND) was offered after last season and what he will be offered now. Lasch faces that same danger, namely that he will fail to better a great season. Thus likely decreasing his value on the market

He certainly not a lock to leave, but I think you are severely underestimating the risk.