Monday, April 21, 2008

Fargo News

Construction of the new arena for the Fargo Force, the USHL's newest expansion franchise, was delayed when vandals did quite a bit of damage. I realize that there isn't much to do in Fargo, but that's still uncalled for.

Meanwhile, Fargo head coach Dean Blais hired Jason Herter as an assistant coach, making an all-former Sioux coaching staff. Herter's hire is particularly interesting because one of Blais' biggest coups so far, has been drawing defenseman Garrett Clarke, who played for Herter with the Russell Stover Midget Major team last season. Clarke will be highly sought-after by the QMJHL this summer, and Herter may help keep Clarke on track to play for North Dakota in 2010.

Fargo may be an expansion franchise, but they won't be your typical expansion team. Blais has already worked to assemble a pretty talented crew for the Force's first season. In addition to Clarke, Minnesota recruit Nate Condon, and St. Cloud recruit Bryce Ravndalen will also be playing in Fargo next year, and there have been rumors of Roseau goalie Mike Lee foregoing his senior year to play with the Force.


Anonymous said...

Good grab for Fargo...Herter was the Head Coach for the Russell Stover 16U team the past 3 seasons & the top assistant for the 18U. Western Mich grad Pat Ferschweiler heads the Russell Stover 18U team.

Anonymous said...

i hope they are hanged. it is good news that herter joined. im really hoping it creates an pipeline to gf.

typical that a sioux fan would call for a hanging:)

Anonymous said...

This all sioux coaching staff scares me as I think it will negotiate the integrity of the USHL. Its starting to look more like a farm team for the sioux.

Anonymous said...

Anon from 10:30am, Would like to hear you go into more detail why the "Sioux of the South RRV" will negotiate the integrity of the USHL.

Anonymous said...

Herter was one of the up and coming young coaches at the Tier I midget levels and has a knack for recruiting and developing talent. He and Ferschweiler have done a remarkable job with the Russell Stover program over the past 3 years.