Friday, March 21, 2008

Cue The Whining

The four Minnesotan WCHA teams will meet up at the XCel Energy Center next year for a pair of games on November 1st. Minnesota-Duluth will play a home game against St. Cloud in the afternoon, while Minnesota State will play a game against Minnesota in the evening.

Tickets will be sold as a two-game pass, so it's likely that UMD and MSU will both receive the revenue from a sellout, though I don't know that you'll see a full crowd for either game.


Shane Frederick said...

Chris, MSU's game vs. Minnesota in 2004 drew more than 17,000 (not a sellout but a pretty big number) and MSU made more than $130,000 as I recall.

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt that the night cap will be full. After all six and a half heated games this year, the UM-MSU,M rivalry has really intensified. It's too bad a "home" game for the Mavericks will have 13,000 plus Gopher fans in the stands.

444 said...

Money talks Mankato listens.