Friday, March 21, 2008

Crazy Times in Colorado

Kate Crandall of the Colorado Springs Gazette got to the bottom of why Derek Patrosso and Cody Lampl were suspended by Colorado College. It's a fairly graphic tale involving Lampl, Patrosso, a girl, and a recruit.

The story actually sounds like it has similarities to the few details known about Brock Trotter's situation. The story passed around some NHL-circles was that Trotter got into some trouble involving a girl that didn't carry any legal consequences, but did get him suspended by the university. There was some hope that Trotter would be reinstated by the school before the end of the year, like Patrosso, but apparently Trotter didn't want to stick around to find out.

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Anonymous said...

Can we discuss this paragraph?:

"Lampl said he had been drinking at the party, but he said he thought the woman was coherent when the key conversation occurred. Eight people who attended the party signed affidavits in support of Lampl. The eight included Lampl's parents, five CC friends (including two women) and a non-CC friend. He said all of them attested to the woman's behavior and level of coherence the night of the party."

Dude had a threesome at a party HIS PARENTS WERE AT? Am I reading that right?