Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Conference Tournaments

First off, credit to College Hockey News for their You Are the Committee application. There's about a million different possibilities for what the NCAA tournament field will look like, and you can figure them all out there.

For more, CHN also has their weekly Tournament ABCs column.

Here's a little more on each of the tournaments.


Michigan: Winning the tournament should make them the number one overall seed in the tournament, and probably send them to Madison. The good news is that it looks like Wisconsin is out of the tournament at this point, meaning their first round opponent would likely be an autobid, rather than the hometown Badgers. Even if the Wolverines lost both games, I think the farthest they could fall would be 5th overall.

Miami: Pretty much the same as Michigan. They're in first if they win the tournament, and could fall to 5th if everything goes against them this weekend.

Notre Dame: The Irish need at least one win to make sure they're in the tournament.

Northern Michigan: The Wildcats always seem to be at Joe Louis, even when they haven't had the best year. They need to win the tournament to make the NCAAs. If the Wildcats win either of their games, they will remain a TUC. That could make a difference because they will win their comparison against Minnesota State should they stay a TUC, a comparison which could be critical for the Mavericks.


Colorado College: The Final Five doesn't matter much for them. If they win the tournament, they'll likely be a one seed, playing second seed North Dakota. If they lose both games, they'd likely be a two-seed playing first seed North Dakota. Either way, they're playing on their home ice. Last change would be nice, and their white jerseys are spiffy, but I don't think it would be a huge deal.

North Dakota: Could move up to third overall if they win the Final Five. Otherwise, I think they'll probably finish in fourth.

Denver: I think they're locked into 6th place, unless St. Cloud really goes on a tear.

St. Cloud: Everyone can go wrong for the Huskies and they'll still make the NCAA tournament. They can move up to 6th if they win the tournament. I think they'll probably end up in the 7th or 8th overall slot.

Minnesota: Their spot in the NCAA tournament isn't quite guaranteed yet. Losing the play-in game, or losing the semifinal and consolation game would put them slightly behind Minnesota State and at the whim of other tournaments. It could set up a potential scenario like with the women's tournament, where MSU wins the comparison thanks to slight edge in RPI, but Minnesota won the season series 4-1.

Waiting at Home

Minnesota State: The Mavericks destiny is out of their own hands, but they are in decent shape, unless a number of things go against them.

Wisconsin: The Badgers are in a much worse position. They need Notre Dame to lose both games, and no other upsets in conference tournaments to have a shot at the field.


stickboy1956 said...

NMich stays a TUC if they end up tying the 3rd place game with Miami/NDame. I wonder if either would play for a tie rather than a win when a tie would help their PWR more than a win?

ShirtlessBob said...

There are no ties this weekend, so someone's PWR is going to take a hit...

And in the immortal words of Herm Edwards, NMU will PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.

Anonymous said...

lot of discussion on why UW is looking at not making the regional at the Kohl Center. As a former badger said,"you get to Wisco. and you are so excited about but by the time you leave you realize it was a job and you may have had the worse boss you will ever have."

Chris said...

3rd place games can end in a tie.

Anonymous said...

It'll be a shame if Mankato and/or Wisconsin miss the dance and Notre Dame gets in. The Irish are a subpar team at best and will get smoked in the 1st round. The WCHA teams on the bubble are much more deserving.

Anonymous said...

Enough of the WCHA dominace bulltwizzlers. Notre Dame if they get in will match up just fine with anybody the WCHA can throw at them. Even with the loss of Condra.

MSU, UofM and Miami all have great chances at making the Frozen Four and all are capable of winning it all. I'm not quite sure that's the case within the WCHA.

Anonymous said...

You're on crack if you think the Irish are a threat in the postseason. I'll give you Michigan as a legit threat. Otherwise the CCHA is average as usual. We'll see how this plays out when Miami and Notre Dame are gone in the 1st round.