Monday, March 24, 2008

The Bracket

USCHO has a printable bracket.

Here's what it looks like.

Northeast Regional, Worcester, Massachusetts
1. Miami
4. Air Force

2. Boston College
3. Minnesota

Midwest Regional Madison, Wisconsin

1. North Dakota
4. Princeton

2. Denver
3. Wisconsin

East Regional Albany, New York

1. Michigan
4. Niagara

2. St. Cloud
3. Clarkson

West Regional Colorado Springs, Colorado

1. New Hampshire
4. Notre Dame

2. Colorado College
3. Michigan State

I'll break down each bracket individually as the week goes on. I'm not going to run a Pick'em contest this year, since based on the increase in traffic over the past 12 months, I'd probably get more entries than I could handle. Hopefully there should be some other stuff throughout the week to make up for it though.


Anonymous said...

UW needs to let go of the "we are young, and we have lost so many players to the pros" excuses now and do something with this gift. DU has had more players go pro early in recent years, including Statsny who is a bigger loss than the ones from UW as well as their leading scorer this year Trotter. Now is the time to take this gift and make something of it.

AdamW(CHN) said...

In case anyone is interested, we're running a pick 'em contest at CHN, with prizes available.

gofalcons said...

Minnesota didn't want to be in the tournament (right?)

Anonymous said...

No UW fan has ever complained about early departures this year. Nice try though. Hope you guys get embarressed in Madison.

Anonymous said...

i dont get why wisconsin is a big deal if you look at wcha standings before the playoffs minnesota finished 7th while wisconsin finished 6th, UW just got a tougher scsu team while mn had mankato and a lot of luck. a excellent goaltender doesnt make up for a mediocre team i dont even know how they stayed where they were in the pairwise

Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't think any UW fan has cried over Joe Piskula going pro this year. When 13 of your regulars are underclassman, it will cause a lot of growing pains especially when your freshman & sophmores are 17-18-19 year olds compared to the 20-21-22 year old freshman & sophmores many others have. All in all though what it comes down too is that this team is just not very good.

Anonymous said...

skille and piskula going pro has been mentioned and that pavelski would be a senior. time to put away the whine and just wear the cheeseheads! this team has the talent, the leadership from the captains and seniors who have been on a championship team. hope the coaching staff doesn't think they are bigger than the game, gets out of the way, let's the players play and they will make some noise.