Monday, February 11, 2008


Minnesota State head coach Troy Jutting will be the guest on CSTV's Tuesday at the Rink.

The Blog that Yost Built has a pretty extensive recap of the Friday and Saturday games between Miami and Michigan.

TNABACG recaps the WCHA weekend.

The US U18 team won the gold medal at the Five Nations Tournament, beating Finland for the gold. The US U17 team took second place at the Vlad Dzurilla tournament, losing to Slovakia in the final.

Wisconsin goalie Shane Connelly was named MVP of Michigan Tech's winter carnival, and after much soul-searching, decided to kiss the Winter Carnival Queen.

There's a YouTube video of Roseau's Aaron Ness going around the internets. Nice goal.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Ness is half as great as you and others are making him. I just watched the goal you posted about and I can tell you that will never happen at the next level. High School is high school. One good line maybe one and a half and then the competition really falls off the table.

I am sure he is good, just not nearly as good as you think. I guess we will see next year when he dons the purple and gold. Should be a real eye opener for young Ness.

By the way I am not a Minnesotan. I am just a hockey fan who reads your blog and I could not help but comment about the love fest you have with Ness.