Thursday, February 07, 2008

Good Day for US Teams

The NTDP U17 team won their first game at the Vlad Dzurilla tournament today 3-2 over Germany.

The team is largely made up of members of the US U17 team, with a few additions. Grant Scott and goalie Mike Clemente from the U18 team are also playing. The team also added Tyler Pitlick, Derek Stepan, John Ramage, Mark Goggin, and Dakota Eveland.

They'll take on Switzerland tomorrow and Slovakia on Saturday in the U18 event.

Meanwhile, the US U18 team is playing at a Five Nations Tournament in Finland. They won their first game against Sweden in overtime. Jeremy Morin and Ryan Bourque from the U17 team were called up to play with the team. They have games against the Czech Republic, Russia, and Finland coming up.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Reddin was not there to experience and contibute.
USA Rocks!

Anonymous said...

kyle palmieri was also called up to u18 squad

Anonymous said...

usa 3 russia 2

Anonymous said...

usa wins gold- 5-3

Anonymous said...

Way to go US!