Thursday, January 31, 2008


Denver will be without Brock Trotter this weekend, and possibly longer.

Aaron Paluski was featured by the Michigan Daily.

Wisconsin has other freshmen besides Turris, McDonagh, and Smith.

Jordan Sigalet returned to Bowling Green this week to lift the spirits of Bowling Green's team.

Michigan Tech assistant Chris Tok blogged about Tech's big weekend against Colorado College.

Minnesota is in danger of a losing record in the WCHA. The end of the article sounds vaguely threatening towards Don Lucia.

Anaheim will be visiting the White House. Apparently, "Hey, we're real busy right now. Could we maybe come next year?" didn't work.

Yost Built analyzes powerplay opportunities.

Forward Mike Curry could be back for Duluth this weekend, though I think it's a hollow victory if he has to replace an injured Justin Fontaine, who I think has been one of UMD's most exciting forwards this year.

David Puddy says "You gotta support the team."

St. Cloud's Nate Dey is out for a while with a knee injury.

Minnesota State sent out a press release today saying that they are trying to address fan behavior at sporting events. Sadly, none of their proposed solutions involve kicking that one kid who spent the entire game trying to start a "F--- St. Cloud" chant square in the nuts.


Mulletman said...

Hey, if Lucia lost his job, no tears she here. Time for him to move on.

Cristen said...

Hahaha Paluski. Classic Budd Lynch.

That F--- Saint Cloud kid was really annoying. I prefer chants that are pro Mankato rather than anti-opposing fan, but that's just me.

Packer487 said...

Well played with the Aaron Paluski reference

Anonymous said...

you butchered his name. Palushaj is from Albania not Poland. no respect or lack of professionalism?

Anonymous said...

Hey mullettman, so one "down" year for the Gophers and your ready to throw the head coach out the door? Good thing you are not the UM A.D. Whew!

Kevin said...

anonymous @ 10:12:

Budd Lynch (the announcer at Joe Louis Arena) is well known for not being able to pronounce names right. At the GLI this year, as best we can tell, he tried to pronounce Aaron's last name as "Paluski".

goofs suck said...

oh darn Minnesota will probably have a losing record, good for them.

Anonymous said...

Lucia is a crappy coach. PERIOD

Anonymous said...

Lucia has become a crappy recruiter.....I think mostly because of his reputation. Look how he handled Tyler Hirsch. Word spreads around quickly. I bet Lucia will struggle to get the best Minnesota kids until he finally is either fired or resigns. I bet if you look at the top 20 Minnesota hockey players who are currently on college rosters, Lucia has no more than 2 or 3 of them. Look at Oshie and Chorney from UND. Sorry Gophy fans, next year won't be much better. Get used to losing.

Deejer said...

I'm not a UM fan, but UM has some pretty solid recruits coming in for the next couple of years...where is your proof that Lucia is a crappy recruiter? Or is that your UM hatred spewing from your mouth with no real argument. Take a look at the recruiting commits for the next couple of years and tell me that Lucia is a crappy recruiter. Until you make a point, you have no point.

Anonymous said...

Yep, look at the recruits COMPARE TO OTHER IN THE WCHA and then say Lucia is a good recruiter....ahhhhh....I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of hearing about poor Minnesota losing players to the NHL. North Dakota has lost their fair share yet they are still ranked number 3. What a better judge of a coach than what happens to your team under adversity. Lucia is no match for Hakstol.

BTW, nice series for Jutting and Minnesota State.