Thursday, January 24, 2008

January ISS Rankings

International Scouting Services has posted their Top 30 rankings for January.

College players include Colin Wilson at 9, John Carlson at 20 Aaron Ness at 24, and David Toews at 27.

Aaron Ness and Jared Festler were also mentioned as 'Rising'. Here's what ISS had to say:
Aaron Ness -- Roseau HS (USHS)

Position: LD Height: 5.09 Weight: 157

There is a lot of interest in this skilled puck-moving defenseman and rightfully so. While most NHL scouts were arriving back from the WJC in Sweden, more than a few could be seen at the Roseau High School game.

With about a dozen NHL scouts including ISS watching, Ness didn’t disappoint collecting two 'Highlight reel' assists. Plays above and beyond this level.

Electrifying! Best player on the ice. Excellent skater. Feet will be an asset. Potential star. This is a player to watch. You win with guys like this.
Jared Festler -- Lincoln Stars (USHL)

Position: LW Height: 5.09 Weight: 170

Festler displayed both excellent skating and nifty moves in conjunction with solid stickhandling/passing skills. He goes hard all over the ice and uses his stick well to strip the puck from opposing players. Appears to be more of a finesse player than a physical player... Good talent.


Anonymous said...

As an SCSU fan, I'm glad Festler's stock is rising. I still don't see how he could go any higher than the late third round though. I'm not a gambling man, but I'd bet LeBlanc goes higher.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be very interesting to see where LeBlanc ends up going as there have been several comments on his skating ability or lack there of.

Anonymous said...

Saw Ness when he played with the NTDP U18's for a game at Colorado College. Didn't impress me. Looked average when playing at that level. Maybe a high school stand out but average at the upper level. I'm sure he will develop to be an outstanding player.

Anonymous said...

Lots of Major Junior guys. Who be be the first to say they will be working a McJob soon?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:21,

Let's remember that Ness was joining the U18 team for one weekend and he had not practiced with or played with that team prior to that. You can't realistically expect a kid to play a major role and do impressive things as a fill in player for one weekend. The fact that it is pretty uncommon for the USA program to call on any high school kid during the season should tell you something about their opinion of him. He has excellent ability. If he wasn't such a die hard Roseau boy, he would have been suiting up for the USA team as a full time player long ago.

Anonymous said...

Looking at players in High School is tough. At least in JRA or the USHL the playing field is better. I for one won't draft a kid who is in HS as it has to much uncertainty

Simon said...

Shouldn't they just call it the CHL/NHL draft.

Where is the Big NCAA players this year.

It's no wonder the recruiting is having a hard time when you see these rankings.

The next crop coming form Junior is also wicked good.

Anonymous said...

A lot of NCAA guiys don't get taken when they are in college since most guys start college at 19 or later so they get drafted while in juniors.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Most don't get drafted in college, but they get drafted before off JR/HS/Prep teams.

So NCAA looks like a strong 5th, 6th and 7th round draft for you. No-wonder you keep telling them to stay in school.

Anonymous said...

The Future of USA Hockey.


Bogosian, Zach

Myers, Tyler

Wahl, Mitch

Jenks, A.J.

Anonymous said...

ATLANTA – Most years, a draft class is remembered solely for who went first.

Then there are the players who came out of the Draft Class of 2003. Of the 30 players selected in the first round, all but two (Hugh Jessiman-Dartmouth/ Brian Boyle-Boston College) already have played in the National Hockey League, and five of them were on the ice during NHL All-Star weekend in Atlanta.

Eric Staal (No. 2, Carolina)(Peterborough Petes (OHL), Dion Phaneuf (No. 9, Calgary)(Red Deer Rebels (WHL), Ryan Getzlaf (No. 19, Anaheim)(Calgary Hitmen (WHL), Mike Richards (No. 24, Philadelphia)(Kitchener Rangers (OHL) and Corey Perry (No. 28, Anaheim)(London Knights (OHL) all made solid showings on the grand stage.