Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Central Scouting Mid-Term Rankings

The NHL released their Mid-term rankings for this summer's NHL draft. Here are some names of note for college hockey fans:

9. Colin Wilson-Boston University
19. John Carlson-Committed to UMass
22. Jake Gardiner- Minnetonka HS, Committed to Wisconsin
26. Zac Dalpe-Committed to Ohio State
30. Joe Colborne-Committed to Denver
35. Aaron Ness-Roseau HS, Committed to Minnesota
40. Danny Kristo-Committed to North Dakota
46. Corey Trivino-Committed to Boston U
48. Cody Goloubef-Wisconsin
53. Nick Larson-Waterloo Blackhawks, Uncommitted
57. Brandon Burlon-Committed to Michigan
59. Andrew MacWilliam, Camrose Kodiaks, Uncommitted
60. Justin Jokinen, Cloquet HS, Uncommitted
61. Corey Fienhage, Eastview HS, Committed to North Dakota
65. Jimmy Hayes, Committed to Boston College
67. Seth Soley, Committed to Michigan Tech
70. Nate Condon, Committed to Minnesota
71. David Toews, Committed to North Dakota
72. Derek Stepan, Committed to Wisconsin
73. Taylor Stefishen, Committed to Ohio State
74. David Carle, Shattuck-St. Mary's, Uncommitted
77. Julien Cayer, Committed to Clarkson
79. Tyler Gron, Committed to Northern Michigan
89. Daultan Leveille, Committed to Michigan State
103. David Warsofsky, Committed to BU
105. Jake Youso, International Falls HS, Committed to Minnesota
110. Drew Olson, Brainerd HS, Committed to Minnesota-Duluth
112. Tyler Barnes, Burnsville HS, Committed to Wisconsin
115. Jared Festler, Committed to St. Cloud
116. Robbie Czarnik, Committed to Michigan
117. Max Nicastro, Committed to Boston University
119. Patrick Wiercioch, Omaha Lancers, Uncommitted
120. Jordan Samuels-Thomas, Waterloo Blackhawks, Uncommitted
121. Justin Florek, Committed to Northern Michigan
122. Vinny Saponari, Committed to Boston University
125. Jack Downing, University of Vermont
127. Steve Quailer, Committed to Northeastern
130. Mike Fink, Committed to North Dakota'
132. Scott Winkler, Russell Stover AAA, Uncommitted
139. Derrick Pallis, Nobles Prep, Uncommitted
142. Mark Goggin, Committed to Dartmouth
147. Drew Leblanc, Committed to St. Cloud
149. Tyler Thompson, Cedar Rapids Roughriders, Uncommitted
150. Chris Darnell, Culver Academy, Uncommitted
152. Mitch Bruijsten, Sioux City Musketeers, Uncommitted
153. John O'Neill, Anoka HS, Committed to Minnesota-Duluth
154. Brock Montpetit, Committed to Wisconsin
155. Alexander Fallstrom, Shattuck-St. Mary's, Uncommitted
159. Bryce Aneloski, Cedar Rapids Roughriders, Uncommitted
162. Greg Pateryn, Committed to Michigan
163. Eric Ringel, Committed to Notre Dame
167. Tyler Johnson, Colorado College
170. Rich Manley, Burnaby, Uncommitted
172. Marshall Everson, Edina HS, Committed to Harvard
174. Anders Lee, Edina HS, Uncommitted
175. Greg Burke, Committed to New Hampshire
177. Cory Thorson, Armstrong HS, Uncommitted
179. Nick Nagel, Totino-Grace HS, Uncommitted
184. Ben Smith, Boston College
185. Paul Thompson, New Hampshire
188. Joe Gleason, Edina HS, Committed to North Dakota
189. David Wohlberg, Committed to Michigan
190. Jake Hendrickson, Burnsville HS, Committed to Minnesota-Duluth
191. Jordy Murray, Committed to Wisconsin
192. Grant Scott, Committed to Minnesota
193. Ryan Furne, Hill-Murray HS, Uncommitted
194. CJ Ludwig, Dallas Stars AAA, Uncommitted
198. Luke McManus, Rosemount HS, Uncommitted
201. Rob Maloney, Eastview HS, Committed to Providence
203. Steve Spinell, Committed to Miami
206. Max Cook, Committed to Miami
208. Matt Reber, Dartmouth College
209. Keegan Flaherty, Green Bay Gamblers, Uncommitted
210. Ryan Grimshaw, Committed to Harvard

And the Goalies:

16. Matt Hoyle, Committed to Harvard
17. Aaron Crandall, Committed to Wisconsin
19. Brady Hjelle, Committed to Minnesota-Duluth
21. Joe Cannata, Committed to Merrimack
22. Mike Clemente, US U18, Uncommitted
23. Josh Robinson, Sioux City Musketeers, Uncommited
26. Joe Howe, Waterloo Blackhawks, Uncommitted
27. Nick Maricic, Committed to Yale


CHRE said...

Gardiner in front of Ness... WOW!

Anonymous said...

From an NHL perspective, certainly.

Anonymous said...

toews still looked at as a first rounder? everything ive read has him as a middle late first rounder, thanks

Anonymous said...

Somewhat surprised to see Nick Larson (Waterloo) ranked so high or higher than some other USHL prospects as it doesn't seem like he has overly impressive stats and is on a team that seems to struggle offensively. He does seem to have decent size which I would guess is still a big attraction to NHL scouts. Not saying he isn't a good player - just surprised by the higher ranking.

Anonymous said...

NHL and NCAA perspective, Ness has a girls shot.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota really wanted Gardiner and Kristo (think he is from Eden Prairie). Nice going Lucia. Stepan (Hastings) also turned down Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

chre, I don't know why your so surprised, Gardiner is ranked 26th in Mckeens as well.

CHRE said...

Ness does have a muffin gun of a shot, no doubt about that. However, it might not hinder his NCAA effectiveness as much as the Gopher haters would like it to.

Tornado Towers said...

Anon. 405: Kristo had family ties to NoDak and Stepan has family ties to the BADgers. Don't know about Gardiner but all you need to do is check Heisenberg's site to see that Coach Lucia has a lot of high end talent committed.

What's your problem anyway? These rankings pertain to how the PRO's view these kids.

How many of these players has YOUR favorite coach gotten commitments from? Why hasn't he done better?

Anonymous said...

What family ties does Kristo have with the Sioux and Stepan with the Badgers?

Anonymous said...

Kristo's father is good friends with the executive vice president of UND's alumni association according to Brad Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald. Stepan's dad went to high school with Tom Sagissor at Hastings. Sagissor is the biggest Badger pimp of all time.

Tornado Towers said...

Stepan's dad was a Hastings high school teammate of former BADger Tom Sagissor and Kristo's NoDak ties can be found at:

Not that tough to find.

Siouxper said...

LOL, yeah that's why Stepan chose Wisconsin over Minnesota, because his dad played HS hockey with the former Badger announcer. You know how silly this sounds!!! Last time I checked Sagisoor had nothing to do with the coaching staff. Every other year kids are turning down daddy's alumni, but yeah since daddy played hs hockey in the 80's with a future Badger that put UW over the top over UM.

Excuses, Excuses Minny fans, this might be the worst of them ever.

Tornado Towers said...

Not an excuse, more like a pluasible explanation. Do you know if Stepan was in fact offered an opportunity to play at Minnesota? Or are you just going by what an anonymous poster on this site said?

The BADgers over the years have successfully recruited Minnesota kids. You can't expect to get them all. Sag's may not be part of the coaching staff but he is a Badger that was part of a National Championship winning team. To suggest that that holds no influence is what is laughable on your part.

What is your excuse Siouxper, for not getting Ness? He had real family ties to NoDak yet rejected them.

siouxper said...

Ness has family ties to Minnesota. His parents live there.

Michael J. Fox said...

Good one. But Aaron Ness's Dad did play for the Fighting Sioux.

I saw an interview with Aaron on the FSN broadcast on Wednesday. He said one of the biggest reasons, in addition to Gopher Hockey tradition, for choosing the Gophers was the opportunity to go live in Minneapolis and go to school at the U.

Nice backhand there. The Ralph is nice but what else is there to do in Grand Forks? Get stuck in an elavator on Saturday night? TJ Oshie, the Wizinator.

Anonymous said...


first of all roseau and warroad kids never go MN they are always taken by nodak and now st cloud is taking them so who are the souix goin to start getting their players

And Anon 405 lucia doesnt need Gardiner, Kristo, and Stepan when you have the likes of jordan Schroeder and Co. headed to MN next year, Schroeder will be a top 10 NHL pick when he is eligible. And why couldnt wisc keep nate condon in state?