Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hobey Watch

And we come back to college hockey with this week's Hobey Watch.

1. Kevin Porter, Michigan

Porter had a relatively quiet weekend with only one assist in each game, but he's still leading by a lot.

2. Ryan Lasch, St. Cloud

He's looking kind of similar to Ryan Duncan last year. He's not a prototypical Hobey candidate, but he'll hang around as long as he scores points, which he did last weekend in St. Cloud's two losses to Wisconsin.

3. Eric Ehn, Air Force

Ehn has climbed back into the race with 14 points in his last 7 games. Ehn should be helped by the fact that his name was out there all of last year.

4. Chad Rau, Colorado College

Last week, I had Rau 4th, before switching him out at the last minute for teammate Richard Bachman. This week, Rau gets his due. He's in the midst of an 8-game scoring streak.


Anonymous said...

Lasch is on a team that is slightly above .500 for the year and will probably finish with a record around that range. Don't discount what winning does for a candidate. Just like the Heisman Trophy, the Hobey generally goes to a player whose team is very successful too. It usually doesn't go to a player on an average team. Duncan won last year because he produced well and he contributed a lot to a team that won many games.

Not to mention, have you seen the weak schedule Lasch has played with St. Cloud? They have played only one team in the top 15 of the country as of this point. His points reflect that. Their schedule gets much more difficult though. If he can continue to score and his team wins, then he may be worth putting up there. But right now, his candidacy reminds me of the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s.

pjoyn said...

10 pts in the last 6 games. All on the road. When they playes Tech, ranked #13 at the time, 4 pts. When they played Clarkson, ranked #7 at the time, 3 pts. Last weekend against Wisco, #13 at the time, 3 pts. But keep going with that theory of yours, if it helps you sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

Genius anon at 10:36 AM....you think Lasch is a fluke cuz of the schedule? Check out his freshman point total last year against the #4 schedule in the land. No fluke in this kid...even Goofer/UND real fans will admit to that. LAsch is a greta skater and stick handler, and that always will allow you to score goals/points no matter the team he plays.

M.D.S. said...

Being on an elite team definitely does help a ton. Remember not all that long ago when Mike Bishai won the NCAA scoring title but because he was on a team that was merely good and not great he not only didn't win the Hobey he didn't even make the final ten candidates.

Anonymous said...

It's not as though Lasch has put up his stats solely against Canisius or Bemidji. He's got points in every SCSU game but one this year.
He scored on everyone last year and so far has continued to do so this year.
You want him to put up points on teams like DU, CC, UND and UMN, don't worry he will.
He put up 4 points on DU last year in 4 games, 8 points on Minnesota in 4 games, 4 on North Dakota in 5 games and 1 on CC in 2 games. Oddly enough, Minnesota State was the only team to shut him out for a series last year.
He's no fluke.