Monday, December 10, 2007

Conboy Decommits

This kind of got lost in the shuffle over the weekend, but the Omaha-World Herald ran a story on UNO recruit Andrew Conboy that included this bit of information:
Conboy was slated to give UNO fans something to cheer about next year. But he announced Thursday that he's de-committed to the Mavericks and will reconsider his options.
The article goes on to explain why:
Conboy, who graduated high school in 2006, is attending Bellevue University fulltime after being declared academically ineligible to compete at the University of Nebraska at Omaha this fall.
It sounds as though Conboy's efforts to get academically eligible weren't going any better this year. I haven't heard what Conboy's intentions are. He was listed by the Portland Winterhawks of the WHL at one time, but I'm guessing they dropped him once he made his commitment. Perhaps they'll add him again. Otherwise, Conboy would likely have to try and start his pro career a few years earlier than expected.


Anonymous said...

Academic risk? Sounds like a future-Gopher in the making. When is the last time a Gopher actually graduated?

Anonymous said...

USHR was saying he is possibly looking at UMD, North Dakota, or Minnesota.

Seems like he may fit best in North Dakota since they like guys who play like a goon. Although you have to wonder how well he would fit in at UND after beating the crap out of Sioux recruit Brett Bruneteau in a game recently.

5MinMjr said...

Looks like he's following in his brother's footsteps. Wonder if he has a jones for the nose candy too.