Monday, November 19, 2007

Hobey Watch

It feels like a shorter week this week with the holiday on Thursday, so I'm trying to squeeze everything in while I can.

Here's this week's Hobey Watch

# 1. Ryan Lasch, St. Cloud


Real # 1. Kevin Porter, Michigan

Another great weekend against another not-so-good CCHA team. By the way, with 16 points in the CCHA now, I think Michigan has already wrapped up at least hosting a first-round playoff series.

# 2 Peter Mannino, Denver

Denver had a fairly easy sweep over a road-weary Minnesota State team, but a big part of the reason it was so easy was the phenomenal play of Peter Mannino.

# 3 Nick Sirota, Northern Michigan

Where the hell did this guy come from? He's already matched his career high of 10 goals, on one of the aforementioned not-so-good CCHA teams. He's had a hand in 57% of NMU's goals so far this year.

#4 Vacant

This space is reserved for Tyler Ruegsegger until the video of his goal on Saturday night makes it to YouTube.


dggoddard said...

DU is aware that an anxious nation awaits the unveiling of the "Ruegsegger Video."

Anonymous said...

Gophers don't like players in the Hobey watch, think it's a silly award.

Anonymous said...

The Big Blue in CCHA do not like it either........when was their last Hobey winner?? AH, let's see?

Anonymous said...

why is Lasch a joke at #1????? He should be considered.

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty messed up joke...

fuk4abuk said...

we gophers suck so bad and are so soft that we shud get a hobey for that, we own college hockey and own all of you, we are gopgers 4ever and deserve everything, we suck really bad and dont even play okposo as the right position and frazee drinks alcohol wen he plays, check the water bottle!! we are the best, it will suck when we dont make our own final 5 and the ncaa tourney but we will still hang a dq cup banner, we are the bestest ever, nobody can touc us......bow down to us, we cant even fill out arena up half way for games, man we suck, du, cc and und are the studs this year in the wcha but we shud get a auto invite after we end up below .500 because we are soft ike a babies butt and britneys stomach.....

Anonymous said...

Tyler Ruegsegger is for real and proves Shattuck develops a classy, tough, smart, potent type of team player. He's got the "C" as a soph, so he's also a leader of men as a lad.

Ryan Latch has burning speed and grit in his game and is hungry... and will eat his opposing rodents' acorns (oh, but I forgot that the great soothsayer and Gordie wannabe, Chris from Detroit, has testicles for eyeballs...and better hide his nuts when watching scsu).

Kevin Porter rode for the us-ntdp development brand with a silver star and it is easy to see (even for guys like chis with pubic hairs blocking his eyesight) that Porter is just plain good! And yes, I must admit my fear that the blue M could raise the hopes of some ugly egos.(ah, but how satisfying to watch Appalachian State and Oregon football leave nothing but scrotum in heisenburg's sockets)

Nick Sirota proves that Wisconsin High school bare knuckle hockey and Swedish skill are a potent combination...and that hockey life does begin at 24...and that "determination" is the greatest nation in the world.

Peter Mannino proves that championship hockey is built from the net out...and that Italian-American family hockey greatness is a proud tradition. Denver has some boys with character! Look out for them in the end.

(and speaking of ends, chris h. is ok when he doesn't act out from his creepy virtual-fantasy-world-know-it-all-alter-ego with his head up his arse...but then at least those testicles for eyeballs are approximately in the right place.)

Anonymous said...

Looks like some class acts are posting in this comments section. The last two comments before mine must have been written by individuals who were dropped on their head as a baby.

Josh Pifke said...

Where the Hell did Nick Sirota show up from? Fox Lake, Wisconsin.

UW-Madtown Coach Mike Eaves told Sirota face to face that he was never going to make it in Division 1 hockey; and that Nick would be lucky to cut it on any of the UW system Division III teams.

Walt Kyle and Northern Michigan University gave him a chance. And we're seeing the rewards.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Eaves, he probably screamed it in Sirota's face. Trap forever!

Anonymous said...

Lasch being considered for the Hobey shouldn't be taken as a joke.