Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Random Linkorama

Thank you for keeping me safe, Mark Buehrle.

Kelowna radio announcer Regan Bartel makes a big deal about Luke Moffatt "verbally" committing to Michigan, though I'm not really sure what else Moffatt could have done, since he isn't eligible to sign a letter of intent until November 2009, and even then, he could back out of that at any time to play in the WHL.

USA Hockey's college notebook looks at the WCHA. Apparently there was an 1100 word limit because MSU, UMD, and UAA don't get much play.

USA Hockey also had a nice article on Notre Dame recruit Pat Gaul.

Kamloops Blazer forward Juuso Puustinen scored a highlight reel goal, in overtime no less, against fellow Finn Riku Helenius. Kamloops Daily News writer/editor Gregg Drinnan has more on the goal.

Steve Downie is still a punk. I still maintain that Jack Johnson would have done the hockey world a favor if he had really hit Downie at the World Juniors.

I'm not even sure what to say about this, other than that I'm glad Comrie didn't lease the vehicle, because I'm sure the lease would have lasted longer than the relationship.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the USA Hockey notebook story, they say this regarding the SCSU writeup:

"but the Huskies do return their top four scorers in Andreas Nodl, Andrew Gordon, Ryan Lasch (Lake Forest, Calif.) and Nate Dey (Maplewood, Minn.)."

Memo to the writer, but Andrew Gordon left for the NHL shortly after the season ended last year, so let's get our facts straight, OK, Mr. Articlle Writer?

Anonymous said...

Bartel has Moffatt committing to Michigan State, so maybe he knows something more than everyone else. Or not.

Shirtless Guy said...

I don't think anyone involved with MTU hockey would consider Mike VanWagner and John Kivisto the best of the best on MTU's blueline?

Anonymous said...

Moffatt is committed to MICHIGAN not Michigan State.
Go Maize and Blue!