Monday, September 10, 2007

New Blogs

There was some disappointing news last week as Gopher Puck Live reported that the Star-Tribune would no longer have a full-time reporter covering Gopher hockey due to a lack of interest. It's sad to hear, but one of the many harsh realities of the declining newspaper industry these days.

The good news, however, is that it looks like there is a bright future for college hockey coverage on the internet. College hockey beat writers tend to have a wealth of knowledge and information, but due to space restrictions, only the most basic stuff ever makes it into the paper. But on the web, there's room for everything. So it's always nice to see writers make the move to the blogosphere.

Colorado Springs Gazette writer Kate Crandall started a blog this summer that looks very promising. There's already some interesting stuff up there including a very long interview with new CC recruit Tim Hall and a nice recap of the season's first captain's practices.

Meanwhile, in Ann Arbor, hockey beat writer Antoine Pitts has a Michigan hockey blog of his own, as part of a bigger effort of some of the Ann Arbor News' writers to blog about Michigan sports.


Chuck Schwartz said...

Also, Todd D. Milewski from the Capital Times has moved his Badger hockey blog to this address.

444 said...

For good or bad the newspaper is going the way of the Dodo bird.

Ask your friends if they read the newspaper and you will get the big N-O.

The only people who read the newspaper are grandma and grandpa everybody else is reading Chris' blog.

blah blah blah said...

444- Maybe, maybe not.

I think the newspaper is going the way of the online environment. The question is: Can a newspaper be a newspaper even if it isn't in print format?

Anyways, I find this move by the Trib interesting. They'd rather cover teams that are either stagnant (Twins and Wild) or are jokes (Vikings and T-Wolves)?

Seriously, you don't have to be a UMN supporter to know that the UMN hockey program (men's and women's alike) is the only sports teams above high school level (pro and amateur alike) that has actually done something this millennium. Yeah, the Twins won 3 straight Divisions and even went to the ALCS one year. Whoopdedoo, so they got to sniff at the odor of victory again once. They squandered it. The Gophers women and men have won it all at least once in the last seven years (for sure twice in the case of men's hockey).

I'd say cover the winning teams and screw the losers. Ok, ok, I'd still cover the Twins and perhaps the Mild, but let the Vikings and the T-Wolves start winning before I'd waste resources on them. Same with the Gopher basketball and football teams.

Anonymous said...

Stop covering the Vikings??? You would see some serious backlash. Trust me, there are a lot more diehard Vikings fans than there are diehard Gopher hockey fans.