Monday, September 24, 2007

NAHL Showcase/Midget Showcase Report

Here's my report from the NAHL Showcase/Midget Showcase. I spent about 16 hours there over two days, but with 48 teams playing, I didn't see everything. I tried to write as much as I could.

There were such a wide range of players playing there that I decided it would be easiest to separate it all by birth year. Here it is:

1987 Birthdates

1988 Birthdates

1989 Birthdates

1990 Birthdates

1991 Birthdates

1992 Birthdates

1993 Birthdates


Anonymous said...

I'll comment on your observations of the top 4 92's on the U-18's;

Merrill > Big. Doesn't use his size to his advantage enough. He definitely made the right choice not playing USHL. U-18 is all he can handle at this point. Skating needs to improve.
Clarke > 14 playing U-18 is a stretch for any player. Does hang on to the puck at times too long. Is very composed with great vision and is an incredible scoring threat when on the ice. Game 2 on Friday was not his best for sure. 3rd game settled in and showed his defensive capabilities as well in game 4. Game 5 was a total meltdown for him. Maybe too much pressure being placed on him to perform at such a young age. Not sure. Of the 4 listed here, certainly the best skater and has the scoring touch. Defense needs some work.
Johns - Uses his size and strength. This guy is going to be a future star. Would take him over Merrill. Not a great scoring threat but really looks after his end well. Best defensive player of these 4.
Saad - Maybe should have played another year at U-16. Seemed out of place. Gifted, however maybe rushing things by playing as an under-ager.

Anonymous said...

I somewhat agree. Clarke is certainly the more offensive threat of the 4 listed. Johns is a pure stay at home defence style of player however will jump in at times. Of the 3 D-men listed, Clarke and Johns played much better than Merrill and I thought Clarke was more of an impact player for his team than either of the other two were.

Anonymous said...

Why even comment about players who weren't even playing in this tournament (90s)? Report on what you actually saw. Above posts are somewhat accurate from what I observed.

Anonymous said...

From your reports, it appears you did not cover all the teams! Someone copied the reports you did on a individual age groups and copied them over to complete hockey. They titled it TOP 93,'s 92's, 91's, & 90's. This caused a bid steer up on the 92 reports, leaving out some players and teams.

Anonymous said...

where is it written that he has to cover all the teams?

Anonymous said...

if eric ringel was that good he would be in the ushl this year and thats that.

Anonymous said...

Chris, who would you compare Colin Jacobs to?

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame thinks Ringel is that good, oh well we will see...