Friday, September 14, 2007

Top NHL Colleges

(Link via Sports Agent Blog)

Phil Helm wrote an article for ranking the top 10 colleges for NHL players.

Their choices are....interesting. A lot of the choices seem based more on history. Michigan tops the list in part due to their 9 national titles. Michigan Tech checks in at 6th, one spot ahead of North Dakota. Maine is nowhere to be found. I suppose it's interesting to get an outsider's perspective from time to time, however.


Chuck Schwartz said...

What a terrible article. When you link players like Mike Davies for Wisconsin you lose all credibility. How about mentioning one of the Badgers 3 first round draft picks on the team or one of the two second round draft picks on the team?

Anonymous said...

the top places to develop or be schooled for the NHL are the CHL.

US College, total players drafted since 1969 is 1,047

CHL, total players drafted since 1969 is 4,372

as taken from and entry draft info.

you are right, terrible article.