Monday, September 24, 2007

Even More on Moffatt

Over the weekend, I mentioned an article written by Paul Shaheen that contained some quotes from Luke Moffatt.

Shortly after the article ran, the Moffatt family said that the quotes pertaining to Luke's decision were said on Tuesday, and by Thursday, when he made his decision to commit to Michigan, he had completely made up his mind and was 100% committed to the NCAA route.

That sounds like good news for Michigan. Of course, a more cynical person might say that Moffatt's camp felt they lost bargaining power with Kelowna, and "playing the NCAA card" might be a way to gain more leverage. It certainly wouldn't be the first case of that. It should be interesting to watch this situation play out over the next couple of years.

Meanwhile, Moffatt was on Michigan's campus with his Compuware '92 teammates this past Saturday. Compuware, whose team includes Michigan commits Moffatt and Jared Knight, defeated Team Ohio at Yost in the morning, before heading off to a football tailgate, and taking in Michigan's win over Penn State at Michigan Stadium.


Anonymous said...

he made those quotes on tuesday "i will make a decision between ncaa and whl" and on thursday he was "100% mich." bullshit, this kid is young.

Anonymous said...

Lot's of maturing to do there for sure!

You are only as good as your next play!

Lot's of pressure for the cooker!

Anonymous said...

Is your mouth big enough to get his huge dong in there? Jeez, better get some knee pads or something...

Anonymous said...

For you Pro NCAA folk out there who say WHL is not the fast track, let me give you a few stats here. When A player has nixed NCAA to come to Kelowna.

Duncan Keith: 2 Year an Michigan State, no nhl...1 Year in Kelowna...Year After Pro

Chuck Kobasew: 1 Year in Boston University, No NHL, 1 year in Kelowna year after, Pro

As for thinking NCAA is better for making the pro leap than the CHL, lets have a some stats added up for you all.

2006 Entry Draft
NCAA Picks: 22
CHL Picks: 78

2005 Entry Draft
NCAA: 13
CHL: 109

2004 Entry Draft
NCAA: 28
CHL: 113

2003 Entry Draft
NCAA: 23
CHL: 123

2002 Entry Draft
NCAA: 41
CHL: 101

2001 Entry Draft
NCAA: 24
CHL: 112

2000 Entry Draft
NCAA: 35
CHL: 101

Total since 2000 Excluding 2007
NCAA: 186
CHL: 737

For anyone to say that the NCAA is a better way for a player to go to make the NHL than the CHL is out of their mind. Do NOT pull the "they get an education at the same time" card on me either, because CHL Players get all expense paid tuition to the college of their choice in Canada for every year they play in the CHL. If Moffatt was smart, he would come to the WHL.

Anonymous said...

But he won't, stats aren't everything! A Michigan eduacation, playing in Yost, and coaching far outweigh you arguement.
Besides, the social life in A2 is rock on solid......
Good choice kid!!!

Ryan said...

what you're missing is the fact most NCAA kids are older and have already been drafted or are too old to be drafted.

How many of those drafted those years you checked went on to the NCAA after being drafted?

Anonymous said...

after further investigation, less than half in each year went on to play pro hockey where as a little over 3/4's of the CHL draftees are now in the pro ranks somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Moffatt...If you can get by the Clearinghouse.. If your going to go to class... If you have the insight that a US college degree may have some value to you in the future then NCAA.

If you dislike school,(you know,,the readin ritten, rithmatic stuff.. ehhh.) If your a can't miss stud, or like riding buses through the plains of Manitoba..Go CHL..Simple enough...