Saturday, August 11, 2007

Paukovich Leaves DU

Denver forward Geoff Paukovich has signed with Edmonton, giving up his final year of eligibility.

Paukovich was a big forward that earned a reputation for taking penalties, especially after a controversial incident where he severly injured North Dakota's Robbie Bina. Paukovich was never able to really develop his offensive game and score the way people expected a second round draft pick to score. Still, the loss hurts Denver, as it leaves them with just two forwards that are upperclassmen.


Anonymous said...

anyone know what kind of contract he signed?

Anonymous said...

money wise

devilsrawesome said...

I heard that this contract pays him more than he made at DU... allowance wise (from Daddy).

Ok, that was a low blow (Prpich). I shouldn't have hit him blindsided (Pauko).

Nevertheless, he was almost Barry Bonds-like in his being disliked by those who are not DU fans. DU fans supported him and other fans either hated him or were apathetic towards him.

Anyways, he'll be a loss for the Pios. It won't be a loss offensively, but with Gwoz's trap style hockey, Pauko really did well defensively when he wasn't in the box.

Anonymous said...

It was a bad penalty for Paukovich, but even worse was how Adam officiated the call. Had Adam made the right call, I don't think people would still be going on and on about it. Retaliation would have been justified on him, but what Prpich did was cheap, which fits Prpich's mold. Nonetheless, GO SIOUX!

Anonymous said...

Can you say Jack Johnson! Lots of baggage!

devilsrawesome said...

Not sure what is meant by Jack Johnson and "baggage."

To me, Paukovich has more baggage than JMFJ.

Here are the things I've noticed about Pauko:

1. Pre-college sexual misconduct conviction as a minor (allegedly)
2. Hit on Bina
3. Tendency to be penalty prone
4. Tendency to disappear after what would be considered a questionable on-ice act such as a cheap hit. (After the hit on Bina and the joke of his punishment, Paukovitch only seemed to skate through the motions).

I'm sure there may be other acts Pauko did allegedly that has the ire of some other fans, but I don't know about it.

JMFJ's baggage must be pretty significant if it can eclipse Pauko.

Anonymous said...

That is impressive baggage- Mr. JJ
has a long list of hits and cheap shots- His most noteable was against Canada at WJ tourney.
He likes to hit from behind with a high cross check which has family history behind it. Although no convictions, he has a nasty reputation, for which his opponents will pay him back.