Thursday, August 16, 2007


St. Cloud hired Eastview HS coach Mike Gibbons to replace outgoing Fred Harbinson. Gibbons has worked as an assistant at Northern Michigan, Denver, and Colorado College, and coached at Bemidji while they were in Division II.

John MacInnes, Aaron Broten, Bobby Carpenter, and John Vanbiesbrouck were all named to the US Hockey Hall of Fame. Fun fact: The Beezer's last name has all five vowels in it, along with a third of the consonants in the alphabet. The letter B is the only repeated letter.

It looks like the rumors about St. Cloud recruit Jordy Christian playing in the BCHL this year are true.

Article on Culver forward Kit Sitterley.

Team USA is struggling at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial U18 tournament. They lost to Finland to drop to 0-2 in tournament play. The US tends to struggle a little more in this tournament, as they don't send NTDP players. More surprising is that Canada dropped their first game of the tournament to Sweden, despite having a pretty loaded roster.

I would not have pegged Tommy Lasorda as a huge hockey fan. I would have, however, pegged him as huge. *rimshot* Seriously though, there's some good stories in there.

Hockey's Future wraps up the US World Junior Camp.

The WCHA Blog looks at Colorado Springs and the World Arena.

Billy Sweatt is still recovering from his wrist injury.

Bobby Goepfert signed with Anaheim after Pittsburgh chose to let him go.

Some familiar names will be attending Philadelphia Flyers Rookie Camp including Kyle Greentree(UA), Jon Matsumoto(BGSU), Jared Ross(UAH), Matt Stefanishion(FSU), Chad Anderson(UAA), and former Shattuck defenseman Tysen Dowzak.

Merrimack reporter Mike McMahon follows up on the Jewish Hockey Championships.


Anonymous said...

Do you know why Jordy would have left the Stampede? Seems like a step in the wrong direction.

devilsrawesome said...

I don't know if it is a step in the wrong direction.

I do know that the BCHL is a more forward-friendly league than the USHL.

Another possibility is that he didn't like the game style that the Stampede employed and didn't want to do something like holdout or demand to be traded because that brings in its own can of worms.

Another possibility is that the BCHL team did a better job of promising him playing time, though I don't think Jordy would ride the pine much with the Stampede.

Lastly, older brother went to the BCHL too and that could weigh in a bit.

Anonymous said...

Rumors are he also didn't like the bus grind of the USHL.

Anonymous said...

That is too bad for the Stampede. They looked like they could have really used him this year.

"Forward Friendly"... does that mean not as much d-zone responsibility?