Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hot Recruiting Tip

(Props to Deadspin for the story. Apologies to you, the reader. It's a fairly slow news day and I haven't used the whimsy tag in months.)

It turns out that Barry Bonds didn't get so strong from taking steroids. He just has an awesome off-season training program: playing hockey.

Apparently Bonds and his family like to hang out at the rink with Alan Thicke. But the most stunning revelation here is this quote from Bonds:
Funny thing, I'd never seen my son skate, and he beat all of us.
If he's better than the best man at Wayne Gretzky's wedding, you know he's got game. Plus, his name is Nikolai, which kind of sounds Russian. If Kurt and Goldie's kid can play for Alabama-Huntsville, how long until colleges start recruiting the younger Bonds, who is 17? Hopefully it's soon.


Anonymous said...

..so while Bond's kid is playing hockey, the Canadian (Thicke's) kid is playing music for the babes.... it's all becoming clear now. It's a diabolical plot to distract Canadian kids with sex and steroids while American kids take over the hockey world. Robin Thicke obviously get's his soulful style from uncle Barry! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3_gIi4ECok . You did know that was Thicke's kid, right?

Chris said...

Is he one of those Backstreet Boys that I've been hearing so much about?

Anonymous said...

does Bond's kid really play.
Is he any good?

blah blah blah said...

anon 8:12

Not right now, but give him a little time with Bond's "Friend" and he should get much better...until the first drug test.

Anonymous said...

Bandits to host 2008 Robertson Cup Championship
August 8, 2007

FRISCO, TEXAS – The North American Hockey League announced today that the St. Louis Bandits will host the 2008 Robertson Cup Championship.

The Robertson Cup crowns the NAHL’s playoff champion, USA Hockey’s Tier II Junior A national

“We’re looking forward to bringing our league championship to St. Louis,” said NAHL commissioner
Mark Frankenfeld. “The Bandits have proven to be outstanding members of the NAHL,
both on and off the ice, and we have no question they will host a tournament to remember.”

The Bandits won this year’s Robertson Cup, which was hosted by the Fairbanks Ice Dogs.

“We had the opportunity to be a part of the first-class event Fairbanks put on back in May and
we’re looking to do the same in St. Louis,” said Bandits coach-GM Jon Cooper. “The entire
community is already getting behind the tournament and everyone in attendance can count on a
lot of fun and entertainment throughout the entire week.”

The oldest junior hockey trophy in the United States, the Robertson Cup is named in honor of
Chuck Robertson, a pioneer of junior hockey in the NAHL and youth hockey in the state of
Michigan. Chuck Robertson was the owner of the Paddock Pools Saints when they won a record
seven straight NAHL championships from 1976-83.

Further details on the event will be release in the coming months.

For more information on the Robertson Cup Championship, visit www.robertsoncup.com.

- NAHL -

Anonymous said...

wait a sec, Russell is on a "partial scholarship"? Not saying people who make good money shouldn't be able to hold on to it if their kid earns a scholarship, but what about a player whose family has to really sacrifice to afford tuition? Of course, we don't know the Russel's situation, but it makes you wonder, deserving or not, if there might not be another player who's taking out huge loans to go to school and might have been helped more.

Anonymous said...

the boy got lit up like christmas in the ushl. he might be good for pr but he is NOT A D1 GOALIE!!