Sunday, March 11, 2007

You're In!

Alabama-Huntsville is the first team to qualify for this year's NCAA tournament. The Chargers were only 10-19-3 during the regular season, but played well and caught some breaks in the CHA tournament to qualify for the tournament. They came back from a 3-0 deficit to beat Wayne State in the first round of the tournament. Then they were able to upset conference champion Niagara 5-3 in the semifinal.

In the final, they drew Robert Morris, who upset second place Bemidji, and the Chargers were able to squeak out a 5-4 overtime victory.

UAH's record this year isn't pretty, and their results against quality competition is even uglier. Their only games against teams with a shot at making the tournament are an 8-1 loss to Colorado College, an 8-1 loss to Michigan, and a 3-1 loss to Minnesota at Minnesota's holiday tournament, which is probably best remembered as Tyler Hirsch's swan song with the Gophers.

Needless to say, I think the chances of an upset here are pretty slim. It's nice to see the kids down in Alabama get a chance at the Big Show though, especially since their future looks to be up in the air with the CHA slowly dying.


444 said...

What a great way for the Chargers players to send their coach into retirement.

Kevin said...

Robin Williams: [on soccer] America made it, we made it to the 16 baby, WHOOEEE! We're no longer in the Special Olympics category! They used to see us and go:
[in a mocked French voice]
Robin Williams: Oh, give it to them, they're damaged people.

Only difference with UAH is it'll be a Gopher saying "Eh, pass them the puck, they're damaged people, dontcha know."

Goon said...

The Chargers are definately a 16 seed and won't holy cross anyone this season. Shame RMU or BSU couldn't make the big dance this season.

Anonymous said...

Maybe UMTC should take a look at the UAH v Robert Morris game to see what it means to not give up and keep playing until the final buzzer.
I'm not so sure that UMTC will be facing the #16 team come tournament time. I'm guessing UMTC still has to win a game or two in the WCHA tournament to stay #1 overall.

Cristen said...

If you're gonna talk smack about the accent, at least be accurate about it. They'd say dem, dere and da instead of them, there, and the. :p