Thursday, March 22, 2007

My NCAA Bracket

As requested, here is a look at my bracket:

West Regional
Minnesota vs. Air Force--Minnesota. I think the Falcons might keep it close, but I don't think we'll see another huge upset.

Michigan vs. North Dakota--North Dakota. I think Michigan has the potential to win, but North Dakota has played too well the past couple weeks to pick against.

Minnesota vs. North Dakota--Minnesota. This should be another great game, but I think the Gophers will prevail again.

Midwest Region

Notre Dame vs. Alabama-Huntsville--Notre Dame. I think this is the game with the least potential for an upset.

Michigan State vs. Boston University--BU. I make it a point to always pick against Michigan State in the NCAA tournament. It has worked out pretty well for me so far.

Notre Dame vs. BU--Notre Dame. The Irish are playing too well right now.

Northeast Region

New Hampshire vs. Miami--New Hampshire. This should be a very close game, but I think UNH will pull it out late.

Boston College vs. St. Lawrence--Boston College. BC has shown the potential to look awful this year, but have played extremely well of late. St. Lawrence has the potential to ruin a lot of brackets before they are really flying under the radar here.

New Hampshire vs. Boston College--New Hampshire. Like I said, I haven't been overly impressed by BC this year. I think UNH gets their revenge from the Hockey East final.

East Region

Clarkson vs. UMass-Amherst--Clarkson. I'll stick with the safe pick here and take Clarkson.

St. Cloud vs. Maine--St. Cloud. I think Ben Bishop will be a little rusty and Maine still won't be playing their best.

Clarkson vs. St. Cloud--St. Cloud. The Huskies were so dominant over Clarkson earlier this year. I don't see the Golden Knights being able to turn that around.

Frozen Four

Minnesota vs. New Hampshire--Minnesota. I think the Gophers will have too much firepower for the Wildcats.

St. Cloud vs. Notre Dame--St. Cloud. I see these two teams as being very similar. I think St. Cloud has the slight offensive advantage, which will be enough to carry them to the title game.

Minnesota vs. St. Cloud--St. Cloud. I'd probably pick the Gophers against anybody else, and if a team like North Dakota made the final, I'd probably pick SCSU to lose, but I think St. Cloud matches up well against Minnesota, and I think they'll be able to sneak out a win.


Anonymous said...

You sure you have the brackets paired up right? I thought Notre Dame was paired up with the St. Cloud bracket and Minnesota was paired up with the BC/UNH bracket.

Could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

These brackets are set up wrong. West Bracket plays Northeast Bracket, and East Bracket plays Midwest Bracket at the Frozen Four. The blogger made a mistake.

Chris said...

Whoa, yeah, I'll fix that.

Goon said...

UND will play better and beat Minnesota this time. It will not be a home game this time.

Sioux are ready to roll this weekend.

Anonymous said...

"St. Cloud vs. Notre Dame--St. Cloud. I see these two teams as being very similar. I think St. Cloud has the slight offensive advantage, which will be enough to carry them to the title game."

Actually it's Notre Dame who has the slight advantage.

Notre Dame - 3.48 Goals per Game
St. Cloud State - 3.23 Goals per Game

Also, Notre Dame has the top defense in the country.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because Notre Dame and St. Cloud played the same can't go by PPG when the schedules were so much different.

bleedgreenand gold said...

West: North Dakota over Minn; Midwest: Notre Dame over BU; East: St. Cloud over UMASS; Northeast: BC over UNH; Final four: North Dakota over BC; Notre Dame over St. Cloud...Final: North Dakota over Notre Dame

Anonymous said...

Looks like this blog gave St. Cloud the kiss of death.

Looks like Goon may have done it for his team too.

Goon said...

Fans don't give their teams the Kiss of Death. That's silly, fans have no bearing on the games what so ever. I am rolling my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Roll your eyes all you want Goon. Your prognosticating skills have proven to be horrible over the years so it probably was the kiss of death you gave them.

Goon said...

tGoon doesn't play the game so I will have no affect on the game.

I may have missed a few of my NCAA picks last season but that was last season.

Goon said...

By the way the Gophers have no chance of losing the game to the Falcons.

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