Friday, March 09, 2007

MN State Tournament: Day 2

I made it through the second day of the state tournament. I also able to finish two of the recaps. I will finish the other two tomorrow morning.

While Wednesday's Class A quarterfinals belonged to the favorites, the quarterfinals of the Class AA tournament were a continuation of what happened in the sectional finals, with many teams pulling off big upsets over highly-touted teams. By the end of the day, second seed Roseau was the only team among the top four still standing. That makes the Rams the new favorite to win the tournament, but given the way things have played out so far, that may not be a place where they want to be.

The best game and biggest story of the day was Rochester Century beating Hill-Murray 6-5 in overtime. It was nice to see an underdog from the southern part of the Minnesota finally break through and win a game at the state tournament, after going a long time without a victory. The feeling in and around the Century locker room after the game was pretty magical, and is one of the things that makes this tournament so great.

Here are the recaps:

Roseau 7 Woodbury 2

Rochester Century 6 Hill-Murray 5 (OT)

Grand Rapids 3 Edina 1

Burnsville 4 Blaine 2

I decided to take tomorrow off from the tournament, partially because I think four straight 16 hour days would kill me, and partially because there's a lot of notes and information from the tournament that I want to catch up on.


Anonymous said...

Nothing would be better than to see both Roseau and Grand Rapids advance to the finals. Here's hoping for an all northern final.

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