Saturday, March 03, 2007

Burnsville Upsets Holy Angels

For the second consecutive year, arguably the top team in the state of Minnesota won't be going to the state tournament.

Burnsville High School upset Academy of Holy Angels this morning at Mariucci Arena to earn a surprising berth in the State High School Tournament. Despite being outshot 47-18, Burnsville was able to beat Holy Angels 6-4. Many people thought that playing on the Olympic-sized ice would give Holy Angels a big advantage in the game, but Burnsville was able to capitalize on their opportunities and steal the win. Burnsville's Tyler Barnes had a hat trick in the win.

It's the second straight surprising sectional loss for Holy Angels after they lost to Apple Valley in last year's sectional final. Holy Angels has sort of become the embodiment of "evil private schools" in Minnesota, though personally, I think most of the whining about private schools is pretty baseless. I'm sure the loss is disappointing to the Holy Angels kids, but many of them still have a very bright future in the game of hockey.


Anonymous said...

I was at the game and it was an amazing win for Burnsville. After the first period AHA had outshot the Blaze 22-2 and, even though Burnsville was up 1-0, I thought it would only be a matter of time before AHA took over. It didn't happen. Burnsville played textbook defense and forced AHA to stay on the perimeter. In my opinion, AHA was trying to be too "cute" and were making an extra pass in situations where a quality shot on goal was available.

siouxnami said...

Wow AHA beat Shattuck...

Anonymous said...

I was also at the game, and I think Michael Webb, AHA's sophomore goaltender, may have had a rough night's sleep last night.

There were a couple of the goals that weren't his fault, but a couple where he got caught flopping around and out of position. The eventual winning goal was definitely one he should have stopped, and considering the Stars were able to score after that to make it 5-4 before Burnsville added an empty-netter, it was a real back-breaker.

As far as embodiment of "Evil Private Schools," one young lady in the Holy Angels student section held up a sign that read "Pump our gas." I don't think Holy Angels catches any more heat than any other private school, but it's fun to watch them lose.

Screw Holy Angels and all the other cake-eaters! Have fun, once again, watching the tournament from your couches.