Monday, February 05, 2007

Lots of Math

About the only good thing to come from Tommy Amaker's basketball team being completely awful is that Brian Cook of MGoBlog is spending much more time covering Michigan hockey, which is very good news for college hockey fans.

This week, Brian directs some venom towards flaws in the PairWise Rankings that determine the NCAA tournament field. There's some compelling arguments mixed in with a whole lot of math.


ron said...

It's a very tough system for people to identify with. Especially if your team doesn't get a lot of strong out of conference opponents. I for one feel like Clarkson needs to win to maintain their spot in the PWR, while the other conference can advance higher by winning. (If that makes any sense.)

Goon said...

I agree ron, Clarkson has been feasting on pasties all year long.

ron said...

Well we're on pins and needles hoping for teams like Wisconsin, LSSU, Cornell, Colgate and Harvard to just be TUCs. At the beginning of the season, and last year, they didn't look like patsies. Instead we've got teams like Niagara holding up our SOS, but right now in conference play there's just no help if those OOC teams don't pull their weight later on.