Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Few Stats

T.J. Hensick is making an incredibly strong case for himself as the Hobey Baker front-runner. He had his second four point night in three games on Friday when Michigan beat Western Michigan 7-4.

What's interesting, however, is that this was the fourth conference game Michigan has played in where 11 or more goals were scored in the game. For comparison, there have only been four WCHA conference games with 11+ goals all season. Hockey East and the ECACHL only have one 11+ goal conference game apiece. Should Hensick be punished because Western Michigan threw in two goals in the third period when he wasn't out on the ice to make the game a little closer? I don't think so. But it is important to remember that different conferences have different styles of play, and more wide-open style of hockey doesn't necessarily equate to better hockey.

If this blog lacks one thing, it's nerdy statistics. That being the case, I decided to try and weigh player points by taking the point totals of some of the top players in the country, and multiplying that by their strength of schedule according to the KRACH Ratings.

And here's what it looked like...

Ryan Duncan, North Dakota: 8773
Travis Morin, Minnesota State: 8598
Andrew Gordon, St. Cloud: 8525
Andreas Nodl, St. Cloud: 8525
Brock Trotter, Denver: 7088
T.J. Oshie, North Dakota: 7067
Alex Goligoski, Minnesota: 6954
Kyle Okposo, Minnesota: 6954
T.J. Hensick, Michigan: 6940
Mason Raymond, Minnesota-Duluth: 6817
Kevin Porter, Michgian: 6524
Nathan Davis, Miami: 5128
Andrew Joudrey, Wisconsin: 5100
Mike Santorelli, Northern Michigan: 5055
Trevor Smith, New Hampshire: 4884
Scott Parse, Nebraska-Omaha: 4488
Teddy Purcell, Maine: 4455
Erik Condra, Notre Dame: 4129
Mark Letestu, Western Michigan: 3992
Ted Cook, Niagara: 3597
Les Reaney, Niagara: 3597
Nick Dodge, Clarkson: 3561
Kyle Greentree, Alasak: 3425
Eric Ehn, Air Force: 1411
James Sixsmith, Holy Cross: 1025
Pierre-Luc O'Brien, Sacred Heart 1012


Anonymous said...

If you divide each players number by the number of games played you might yield a more interesting comparison. Case in point: Either of the St. Cloud players are at 327.9, while Duncan's at 313.3 and Morin's at 296.5.

Anonymous said...

Stats, yes lets look at some stats.

In a press release distributed earlier this week, the expansion New York Titans of the National Lacrosse League (NLL) announced that their Jan. 27 tilt against the Rochester Knighthawks featured on Sportsnet New York (SNY) registered a higher Nielsen television rating than its head-to-head competition, New York Islanders hockey on Fox Sport New York (FSNY) and the New Jersey Devils hockey on MSG.

The Titans-Knighthawks game earned a .14 rating on SNY for its 8:00 to 10:15 p.m. Saturday telecast, while the Islanders-Sabres game on FSNY from 7:00 to 9:45 p.m. on Saturday earned a .11 rating.

The Sabres are the tops in the Eastern Conference and a favorite to be one of the two teams in the Stanley Cup Finals this season.

The Titans other competition, a New Jersey Devils-Florida Panthers game on MSG from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m., earned a .01 rating according to Nielsen.

And what exactly does a .01 rating mean?

According to a story published Friday in the New York Times, it means that 736 of over 7 million homes in the viewing area, tuned in to watch the second-best team in the Eastern Conference during the 7:30 to 10 p.m. time slot.


And so do 736 other fans.

736 out of 7,000,000


if u want to read the rest of the story

Goon said...

I think that is a cool article, it also proves how Les Reamy who is one of the top scores in the nation is throwing in points against cup cake teams and Duncan, Nodl, Hensick just to name a few are scoring against tougher competition. Interesting.

Chris said...

It's not a perfect system. According to those numbers, Eric Ehn would have to score 292 points to match Ryan Duncan for the top spot, so clearly the formula probably needs a little tweaking.

Given that the lacrosse game you cited was an expansion team in a league that changes its name every couple years, I'll chalk that up to the novelty factor, along with lacrosse being as popular, if not more popular in the Tri-State area.

Anonymous said...

Eric Ehn - 292pts

I'll let him know he needs to shoot alittle more the rest of the season.

"novelty factor"

Come on Chris just admit it, the new rules suck.

Chris said...

Hundreds of thousands of people are tuning into lacrosse, or just turning off the TV because NHL players can't hook each other anymore?

There's no way that is the case.

Anonymous said...

I think it is interesting that SCSU has gone from team of idiots to team of hockey in only well, it's their second year as a real hockey team, IMO.

It's a wonder what dumping that idiot Dahl can do, no? Dahl, to be fair, would make an excellent color commentator. However, he should have STARTED that way, not started as a head coach.

In any case, I love the stats shown there regarding NLL. Here's a great one from my neck of the woods and I'll even spare you the numbers!

A new restaurant opens in town. You can't get a seat there for TWO full weeks. Why? By the logic expressed by anonymous (spammer) 1:34pm, that MUST make the restaurant a better restaurant than all others in town right? Of course! Because that's the reality anon 1:34 chooses to live in. Chris is absolutely correct. Heck,let's keep the hockey teams playing the same hockey teams they were when the ratings came out. Now, allow the NLL team to be a month older, or at least to the point where the "newness" has wore off. Let's look at the ratings then! I don't know, but I'm betting that the numbers will be quite similar. And, unlike the NLL, the Devils, at least, will see higher rankings than the nLL in two scenarios: 1. Every time they play a team percieved by the viewing area as a "rival" and 2. The playoffs. Even if the NLL team makes the playoffs, I doubt they'll touch the NHL playoff rankings.

Nice try though. :)

siouxnami said...

There is a reason why the WCHA has been the best league in hockey for a long time, and will continue to be. I can't say I am very surprised by these statistics. Wow Morin!!!