Thursday, January 25, 2007

Minnesota State vs. Wisconsin Coverage

This will be the place for pre-game, in-game, and post-game coverage of this weekend's series between Minnesota State and Wisconsin. In the interest of blog cleanliness, all the coverage will posted on Western College Hockey 2 and linked over here.

Here's some pre-weekend coverage.

Tonight's Lines and other notes.

Live updates of Friday's game.

Friday Night Game Recap.

Other Friday night notes.

Live Updates of Saturday's Women's Hockey Game.

Recap of Women's Game. Wisconsin won 8-0 to sweep the series.

Line charts for Saturday's game. The biggest story will be the absence of Jon Kalinski, who is one of MSU's top players. The other major story before the game is that Shane Connelly will get his fourth start of the season tonight.

Live Updates of Saturday's game.

Saturday's Game Recap.

Saturday's Notes and Quotes.

And that should just about do it for a very fun weekend of hockey. I'd really like to thank the University of Wisconsin for being gracious hosts this weekend and giving me the opportunity to watch some great games.


Anonymous said...

rumor has it that nick pryor wants out of the ntdp and is going to prolly head to Des Moines or the WHL

Anonymous said...

If true, I'm not sure UW wants anything to do with him. Wasn't it he/his father complaining about Hill-Murray last year?

Anonymous said...

Nick hasn't played much due to concussion, so why would he bail on that program. The team is getting much better and is ready to turn the corner. Playing vs. colleges next year is great development and experience for UW.

Anonymous said...

Your link to "Other Friday night notes" needs fixing.

Anonymous said...

he nor his father were complaining last year. it was just a bad situation since hill-murray had four senior defenseman, and he was a freshman. I dont know it is just a rumor, probably not true.

Chris said...

Link is fixed.

RE: Pryor

The most recent commenter is correct. Obviously Pryor didn't enjoy only playing a couple shifts per game, but he never made an issue out of it.

I'm looking into the story about him possibly leaving the NTDP, but I haven't heard anything yet.

rr said...

Why didn't Skille get a tripping penalty on his second goal? He clearly tripped the Mankato defender, got the puck and made a nice backhander to score. Never should have counted.

Mankato looked good this weekend. Nice to see the Mavs play the Badgers tough.

Coach Jutting has done a pretty good job this season, the Mavs play quite a bit like they did when they won the Division 3 National Championship in in '81.

They are going to be a spoiler down the stretch.

Chris said...

Skille's trip is mentioned in the game recap, and the miscellaneous stuff from Saturday.