Monday, January 22, 2007

Current NCAA Tourney Projections

For the second straight week, I'll be posting Matthew Latham's NCAA Tournament projections. If you're interested in checking out his methodology for coming up with the brackets, the full explanation is here.

Here's what the brackets look like this week:

West (Denver, CO. Host: Denver U)

1. Notre Dame (20-5-1, automatic bid)
2. Denver U (18-8-2)
3. Miami U (18-8-2)
4. Boston College (12-8-1)

Northeast (Manchester, NH. Host: New Hampshire)

1. New Hampshire (18-4-1, automatic bid)
2. Michigan State (16-8-1)
3. Vermont (14-8-2)
4. Sacred Heart (13-7-4, automatic bid)

Midwest (Grand Rapids, MI. Host: Western Michigan)

1. Minnesota (21-3-3, automatic bid)
2. Clarkson (14-6-3)
3. Michigan (17-9-0)
4. St. Lawerence (12-9-2, automatic bid)

East (Rochester, NY. Host: ECACHL)

1. St. Cloud State (16-4-4)
2. Maine (15-6-2)
3. Colorado College (14-9-1)
4. Niagara (15-8-3, automatic bid)


Brad said...

Those look pretty good both matchup and attendance wise. Good bracket.

Battle Hymn said...

Four teams from the WCHA not named Wisconsin or North Dakota. Priceless! Though it probably won't last. Sigh.

Jabroni said...

The one/two problem(s) I see with the brackets he came up with is that there is no ECACHL team seeded in the East region that the conference is hosting. 2nd is the two ECAC teams that qualify he has in the Midwest Region. I think at least one of the ECAC teams would get placed in the East region seeing that the conference as a whole is hosting the East regional.

Anonymous said...

I believe hosting as a team is the only thing that gurantees you'd be at home. They won't move a team out of a region to break up the pairings.

Plus with Maine and Niagara in that regional, the attendance there will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Niagara won't help a bit. Last year they played Cornell at the same arena and the crowd was probably 95% Cornell fans. It's a shame Cornell is having such a down year -- Rochester's a good hockey town, but they have to be introduced to the college game. That projected foursome won't do it -- no offense to the teams, there's just no hook for the locals. Maine would help attendance greatly, though it'd mostly be their fans. The Regional really needs Michigan or BC, or Cornell to catch fire and win their auto-bid and have the pairwise gods be kind.