Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hirsch Gone

Tyler Hirsch is no longer with the Minnesota hockey team. Here's what the Gophers press release had to say:
University of Minnesota men's hockey head coach Don Lucia announced today that senior forward Tyler Hirsch has been dismissed from the team.

"Tyler Hirsch's hockey career at the University of Minnesota has come to an end," Lucia said. "This is a private and confidential matter between Tyler and the coaching staff, and there will be no further comments from any members of the hockey program or the University of Minnesota. We wish Tyler success in his future endeavors".
I don't know the whole story, and probably never will, which is fine by me. I don't want to speculate too much on it either, but the fact that he played Friday night, and was gone from the team less than 24 hours later leads me to believe it's not just a matter of academics.

As always, best of luck to Tyler in the future.


Anonymous said...

Great player with lots of talent. He deserves to atleast finish the season with the team. Best wishes go out to him and his family, must be an emotional time.

Battle Hymn said...

The fact that Tyler is a great player is without question, but how does that talent give him more rights than any other player to finish the season with the team? TDon is raising the expectation level of his team this year, and Tyler had already been benched multiple times this year. As Chris said, we will probably never know the full story, but I think tDon has been clearly sending his team a message that no individual is above the team. He also benched his senior captain tender at the start of the season. Regardless, the issue of Tyler's health dwarfs any team issue and I wish him the best.

Anonymous said...

Another wasted oppertunity by a highly skilled player. How many kids with half his skill would do anything to play for the U? I'm not a gopher fan, but I'm more impresed with this team, i.e. work ethic, and its coaching than any other Lucia team before. If not his players, you can bet Lucia was embarrassed by the Holy Cross ending last year and is doing all he can to change the identity of this team. I guess when you have mad skills you take it for granted. I hope Tyler has better luck holding a real job for the next 30 or so years.

Anonymous said...

Playing college hockey is not a right. Tyler is a very good talent. But he has had several chances. His many problems are well known. He may have become a bad influence on the many young players on the team.

Anonymous said...

you think he may have had any pressure from his father? you think he might be bipolar? you think he is intelligent? you think he has great physical skills? i think yes. get the young man some help and he may be able to move forward some day.