Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fighting and Hockey

A few days ago, this article, written by MSNBC hockey expert Kevin Dupont, got passed along to me. I thought it brought up some interesting points, so I figured it was worth mentioning here.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Let's get the fight back in the NHL!

Anonymous said...

Watching Ryan Hollweg or Cam Janssen duke it out every night!!!!!

This will open up the ice for the more skilled players.

Anonymous said...

People who like to see fights in hockey are like people who go to races to see wrecks. Not real fans of the sport. I like a little scrum in front of the net to show whose boss, but the vast majority of fighting in the NHL is without true provocation and rivalry.

DevilsRAwesome said...

In the mean time, I highly support giving roster slots to players like Derek Boogaard of the Wild. Sure, he's not that good defensively and sure he's not going to score a lot, but darn can he fight!

Please, if I wanted someone on my team that's only good at fighting, I'd turn my channel to the WWE or Boxing (though they don't work in teams) or other crap like that.

FIghting has a role in the NHL, but the new rules make it known that it is purely a fringe role at best.

The day of the specialist known as the "enforcer" is coming to a close. And it is about time.

P.S. Before someone rips me for Cam Janssen, I've been hoping he'd be cut for some time now.

Anonymous said...

"I'd turn my channel to the WWE or Boxing"

Yes, my point most people are watching WWE/Boxing, instead of watching HOCKEY.

Yes, "Enforcer" is a very important for a team with a superstar or two.

1. WWF
2. UFC
3. Boxing
12. Dominoes
13. Hockey

Great new rules, maybe we can fall alittle more down the charts.

Anonymous said...

More Fights = More people watching (TV Ratings)= more $$ for players and Owners

Less Fights,More penatleys=less people watching = LESS $$ for players and owners

New Rules = Hockey that blows to watch