Monday, November 27, 2006


Probably my biggest regret so far this season, other than not going for that fourth soft pretzel in the XCel Center press box, is that I haven't been linking to Eliot Olshansky's excellent Rink Rat Blog. Eliot is doing what I would love to do if I had the resources, which is travel around the country and chronicle every team. It's an excellent picture of the similarities and contrasts between college hockey arenas around the country.

CHN's Gregg Paul writes about the College Hockey Showcase. Personally, I think the format is fine as is.

Mike Eidelbes' weekly INCH column has gone full-out Simmons and is mostly him answering emails. It's still a good read though.

And now for my weekly "Mike Check Check" whereby I must counteract his Sparty bias, thus preventing the world from being a little too pro-MSU and returning the universe to an equilibrium to avoid chaos. Seriously, if I didn't do this, there would be burning couches everywhere. Anyway, if I were a Buffalo Sabres fan, I'd start booking my family vacation for early June, because nobody can lead a first place team to premature postseason failure like Ryan Miller. He did it at Michigan State, he did it in Rochester, and he'll probably complete the trifecta this year.

Let's Go DU's Damien Goddard writes about The Curse of the Seawolf. And here I thought the Curse of the Seawolf was actually having to watch UAA play.(Rimshot!)

USHL's Central Scouting has a nice write up on Arizonans Danny Heath and Andrew Hamburg.

UAA Fan Blog takes a look at the WCHA, so far.

Nebraska-Omaha's athletic director resigned, due to pressure after the fiasco UNO had this past summer. I'll be honest, I have no clue what this means for UNO hockey.

Among the near universal criticism for Dartmouth's athletic director(I may or may not weigh in on that. I think everyone knows that she's a tool by this point), INCH gets credit as the best for referencing Keggy the Keg, Dartmouth's fun-loving, but controversial mascot.

Chris Heisenberg looks at Victor Oreskovich's problems in the OHL.

After an awful weekend in Minneapolis, Colorado College is back on the winning track. They've gotten through a tough part of the season where they were extremely young, and had to deal with some injuries and illness, and they're still not out of the picture in the WCHA and in terms of the NCAA tournament. A lot of credit has to go to Scott Owens for that.

Hammy says that International Falls' Jake Youso was in attendance for the Showcase games.


Colin said...

That Mike guy's take on the Yost verbal abuse vs. that which takes place at OSU is redamndiculous. I have never heard/seen anyone do anything to an opposing fan other than taunt in some manner and that's usually only during the game. Before and after, everyone just files out. In addition, there is no physical intimidation or violence that accompanies it.

In general, I don't see what the big deal is. By and large, what I hear is empty vulgarity, absent any real hate. Most of it is an attempt to distract the players and amuse ourselves. I try to make it something funny when I do it and I think most others do too. As far as Michigan fans go, the Yost fans are the ones that never give up, are ready to get loud at any time and never get down on the team. It's an incredibly positive and boisterous bunch, especially compared to the cynicism (and resulting tendency to be quieter, I suspect) of Michigan football fans.

The serious fans, young or old, that I've encountered (especially among Michigan faithful) means swearing a lot at the TV. Is it really a big surprise that this carries over to hockey? It's only notable because everyone can hear it. But so what? What's the need for decorum anyway?

Anonymous said...

Oreskovich is back with the Kitchener Rangers. He played for them on Thursday night in Saginaw. Sometimes players get suspended for discipline reasons. The same thing could have happened if he had stayed at Notre Dame. This has nothing to do with it being a Major Junior vs. NCAA thing like Chris is trying to make it out to be.