Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gajic Leaves Omaha

Thanks to commenter Lou, who brought this story to my mention.

Nebraska-Omaha forward Nenad Gajic has left Omaha to pursue a career in professional lacrosse.

The decision is kind of surprising given that Gajic was starting to play a bigger role for the Mavericks offensively. But Gajic was a much better lacrosse player than hockey player, and he apparently just became a free agent in the National Lacrosse League.

Per the contract he signed, Gajic will be able to stay in school at Omaha and complete his education.


Anonymous said...

How much money do Lacrosee players make? Anyone know?

Chris said...

The only figure I could find was an old news report saying that the maximum a player could get in 2004 was $25,552, but that number goes up 4.3% each year.

I have no idea if that's right though. There wasn't a lot of info on it.

Brad said...

Seems kind of strange, since he was a senior off to a good start offensively, and had already sat out a redshirt year. Still, good to see he plans on finishing his degree.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for looking that up.

Anonymous said...

According to Wednesday's Seattle P-I:
"... an average league salary of about $14,000, and first-year players making as little as $400..."

Anonymous said...

Above link got truncated, here is the fianl piece of it (with some overlap):


Anonymous said...

Thought I would share this, from a Canadian Press article earlier this week:

The fixed NLL rookie minimum is US $6,880 for the 16-game schedule. The second-year minimum is $9,282. Veterans are paid a minimum of US$10,221 and the maximum is set at US$21,294