Thursday, November 09, 2006

Crumbelievable Quote(s) of the Week

I was gonna skip the CQotW since I didn't find anything that great. But then I made the mistake of reading the Star-Tribune. But I took a deep breath and I was ok. But then, I read it again later in the week. Another deep breath and I was fine. But then, well, you can probably guess, and I decided to pull the trigger on my award of shame.

These aren't really quotes, but they deserve mention.

The first one came in their prep notebook:
White Bear Lake junior forward Jake Hanson has several visits to Division I programs set up for the next month and half, including Minnesota, North Dakota, Minnesota Duluth, Denver, Colorado College, and Minnesota State, Mankato. Hanson was one of top scorers in Upper Midwest Elite League with 18 goals and 11 assists in 11 games.
I highly doubt anyone confused Jake Hansen, the junior forward from White Bear Lake, with the fictional Jake Hanson, and misspelling a name like that isn't a huge deal, but it's also something that is so simple to double check and verify.

The next error came when the Star-Trib announced that Minnesota recruit Cade Fairchild had signed a letter of intent with Minnesota-Duluth. The Star-Trib ended up taking the article down once people pointed out that was incorrect, but really, it's something that never should have happened in the first place.

Finally, at the bottom of Dean Spiros' College Hockey Insider column, he refers to Minnesota State Mankato as the "Mustangs".

I don't really even blame the writers in these instances. Typos like that happen all the time, as any reader here could tell you. But wouldn't it be wonderful if they hired people whose job it was to read through what gets written and make sure errors like get edited? You could call them, oh I don't know, copy editors.

I'm probably not in a huge position to judge since I average about five errors per post. Then again, my theory has always been that if you're one clown sitting at a laptop at 2am writing, it's ok to make a few mistakes here and there. But when you're a multi-million dollar organization like the Star-Tribune, that type of stuff probably shouldn't be happening.


Kelly said...

Most Twin Citians know that the Star Tribune is frequently long on opinion and short on facts. We've come to expect reporting that runs from sloppy to ridiculous. You're a star by comparison!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys.....Sid doesn't butcher any names :-)

Henny Bogan said...

The "Red Star" is unquestionably the WORST DAILY NEWSPAPER in the country. The lousy hockey coverage only scratches the surface of how pathetic the "Red Star" is in every aspect. I cancelled my subscription in '01. Feels kind of like a tax cut. Five years of not subscribing to that rag saved me enough money to pay for my Gopher season tickets for each of the past five years. Works for me.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree, The Old Weird Harry (Omaha World Herald for you newbies) is the absolute bottom of the pit as far as dishrags are concerned.

A husker gets a hangnail, and it is front page news. UNO goes to the NCAA regionals...Page 14 of the living section.

Anonymous said...

The infamous Star Trib did it again today as they reported that the U of M had six players sign Letters of Intent, including Kevin White (should be Patrick White).

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the editor is a UW alumni because it almost sounds like they are doing it on purpose. You know like if you misspell or give the wrong first name it makes it look like the kid was not that highly sought after.