Monday, August 21, 2006

Recruiting News

In case you were wondering, yes, Up With People will be stopping in Mankato as they tour the dancingest hemisphere of all; the Western Hemisphere!

2007 recruit Brad Malone intends on playing college hockey, which is good news for college hockey fans. Malone is one of the best available forwards left for 2007. The article gives less positive news on NTDP forward Mike Cichy, however:
Cichy, the team’s second-round pick in June, will play for the United States Under-17 National Development team this year and has told the Mooseheads he would like to come to Halifax next year.

So Cichy is keeping his options open for now, and things could change, but usually a kid will say that he's more interested in college regardless, to gain some bargaining leverage with his major junior team. The fact that Cichy isn't even doing that is not a good sign for college hockey.

This is an old article, but I just saw it on GopherPuckLive that named Nico Sacchetti Iron Range Player of the Year. In the honorable mention section, they had this quote about International Falls forward Jake Youso:
Jake Youso, soph., International Falls

The Broncos’ 6-0 sophomore has already begun to attract the attention of numerous big time colleges, including the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin.

Youso is an excellent player and it's no surprise to see that some of the top schools in the country are interested in him.

There's an uncofirmed intornets rumor about Minnesota-Duluth being interested in Duluth East goalie Ben Leis.

Also kind of an unconfirmed intornets rumor(but since the poster is a reader of this blog, he's clearly a beacon of wisdom in a world gone mad), but it looks as though Minnesota would be the top choice for 2009 recruit Zach Budish.

Columbus(USHL) goalie Troy Redmann has received some college interest from Eastern schools, but the California native is hoping for an offer from Denver or Colorado College.


Anonymous said...

Cool, one of my rumors made the blog. Again, all I know is that Zach Budish's dad played for the football Gophers and is a diehard fan. It also seems they get along very well. So, couple that with the fact that he's a top tier Twin Cities' recruit, and it's highly likely that he's gonna wind up a Gopher.

redwing77 said...


I know it is hard to truly speculate, but you are better connected than I. What do you think is UND's chance at landing Malone?

Chris said...

I really haven't heard anything about Malone so I can't say for sure.

I guess the best I could tell you is that for 2007, Michigan probably has enough forwards and won't be looking for another. BC should have 16 forwards for 2007 and I think Dan Bertram is probably one of the only threats to leave early. BU loses two forwards after next season, and they already have two more coming in, so they might be out too.

So from that regard, a couple schools that were mentioned as interested probably aren't as interested anymore, but you never know what could happen.