Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Little More Kessel

I hate to harp on the mainstream media, but Sports Illustrated absolutely embarassed themselves with this terrible Phil Kessel article. Basically the writer had the idea that he could grab some attention by comparing Phil Kessel to football's Terrell Owens. The problem is that he forgot all the evidence to show why that comparison is true.

Like the Dallas Cowboys' controversial wide receiver, Kessel has had trouble with teammates in the past. He can be a me-first player who sometimes neglects the other four skaters on his side. He's been dogged by allegations of underage drinking, and he has a tendency to talk first and think later in front of the cameras.

I guess you can say "maybe" to the first three accusations, but what about the talk first and think later accusation? Now if I were the average NHL fan that didn't know much about Kessel, I'd want to see some examples of controversial things he has said. I've followed Kessel a fair amount and I can't think of any Terrell Owens-like statements, so seeing some examples would be nice. The only problem is the article doesn't have any examples of things he has said.

It's really disappointing to see a writer from a major magazine make a bunch of accusations about a kid, and not have any quotes or examples to back it up. I've been critical of Kessel for certain things over the past year, but this article was way off the mark.

On the flipside, CSTV's Eliot Olshansky wrote a great article about Kessel that makes the Sports Illustrated piece look even sillier.

"I'm not a guy that likes all the big hoopla and attention like that," Kessel said.

Terrell Owens indeed.

The rest of the article is very good as well, and I definitely recommend reading it.


Schlossman said...

Obviously this guy has never interviewed Kessel before. Getting a quote out of him can be like pulling teeth. Talk first and think later?

Goon said...

Your right that was a horrible article about Phil. SI should be ashamed of their self.

redwing77 said...

Finding faults with America's athletes is in the top 10 gossip "to-dos" nowadays along with griping about which American Idol contestant got voted off and who is going to "off" whom in the Sopranos or who is coming back from the dead (again) in the soap operas. Since all those other ones I list are so sensationalistic, and sensationalistic articles sell, why not make up one about Kessel?

I'm no fan of Minnesota and some of their fans and players, but folks, this SI article is a sham. I'm all for calling out players who deserve to be called out (legit reasons like Blarneys or John Scott's vehicular driving habits). But making stuff up as they go is just assinine and unprofessional. In the case of SI, I hold the editor to blame for this because the editor is always the last one to see the article and ok it before publishing.

Good work SI. Stupid Illustrated found themselves a gem.

Battle Hymn said...

Maize and Goon coming to the defense of a former Gopher? What color is the sky today? I haven't read the SI article but it must have been criminal to illicit this kind of scorn from rival fans.

Bruce Ciskie said...

That article was indeed stupid.

Typical of the mainstream media these days.

alenart said...

I'm no fan of Minnesota, but to say Kessel didn't have talent around him is simply asinine. Potulny and Irmen were scoring goals left and right. As a matter of fact, if you look at the score sheets from last season, anytime Kessel, Irmen and Potulny were on the ice either one of them were involved in the goal somehow. If anything, Minnie had TOO much talent and that bit them in the ass.