Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Other Draft Resources

Here's some other good websites for information about the upcoming NHL draft.

America Online has created a blog-type thingy covering the NHL draft. It's pretty thorough, even though the site is apparently being run by one of Ted Leonsis' relatives and a guy who chose his Facebook photo for his bio picture.

Hockey's Future has their own Draft Center. They've got detailed reports for every team and info on a lot of players.

One of the more thorough draft previews was put together by one Max Giese. There's pretty detailed reports on his top 60 prospects.

TSN's Bob McKenzie has his top 30 prospects. McKenzie is easily one of the best of the business. It's nice to see Peter Mueller didn't bother to comb his hair for his picture.

Depening on my availability, I may try to do a liveblog of the NHL draft on Saturday. That way, we'll have live updates of just how awful my mock draft selections were.

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Anonymous said...

I've said this before, but some teams have to question Kessel commitment and work ethic. Various scouting services reported that Kessel had the highest % body fat out of the top 50 prospects ..... and he is the only player that has a noticably prominent double chin. For someone on the stockier side you would think he would be strong, but he also had a poor performance in the free weights testing.