Friday, June 30, 2006

Assistant Leaves Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech's website is reporting that assistant coach Ian Kallay has left the program to pursue a business opportunity.

I won't even make the obvious Kids in the Hall joke here. I'm sure Michigan Tech fans are disappointed to see a good assistant leave, but the truth is, being an assistant coach in college is a hard job, with long hours, lots of time spent away from family, and not the greatest of pay. It's certainly understandable why Kallay would be interested in something else.

Kallay played a pivotal role in Tech's recruiting over the past couple of seasons, utilizing his connections in the USHL and western Canada, and should be difficult to replace. Off the top of my head, former Anchorage assistants Keith Morris and Jack Kowal, who were released by Anchorage coach Dave Shyiak this summer, come to mind as possible candidates. I'm sure there are dozens of other young, qualified applicants coaching junior hockey.


Goon said...

Not mention assistant coaches don't get paid very much money.

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