Monday, May 08, 2006

Comings and Goings

Rastislav Spirko has left North Dakota to return to his native Slovakia. There were rumors right after the season ended that Spirko wanted to move back home, but then it was reported that he had decided to stay. Apparently he had a change of heart, and decided to return home.

Most people figured something was up when Zac MacVoy was drafted in the second round of the USHL draft last week, and this weekend, MacVoy made it official that he would be leaving Michigan for the USHL, and the opportunity to play somewhere else.

Chris Wilson, a forward from Grand Prairie, has committed to Nebraska-Omaha. Wilson was rumored to have committed to Minnesota State last summer, and then this spring, it was reported that he committed to Bemidji State. No one seems to know what happened that caused the change in commitment. Wilson is a speedy player and a good goal scorer, so he should help the Mavericks next season.

There are unconfirmed internet rumors that Spring Lake Park HS forward Addison DeBoer has committed to Colorado College for next season. DeBoer would add somem more speed to the Tiger lineup.

It's also been rumored that Sioux Falls goalie John Murray will be committing to Maine. Murray had a very good year and there were a number of western schools interested in him.


Battle Hymn said...

Chris or anyone,
Do you have any more info around the Macvoy situation? Was it a playing time issue? Also, can you describe what kind of player he is? Do you see hime going to another top 10 program or setting his sights a little lower?

Chris said...

Yeah, it was just playing time. He didn't see much playing time this season, and ice time isn't going to be any easier to come by in the coming years, so he decided to move on.

MacVoy is a bigger guy, and I always thought he had pretty decent hands, but I don't think he had the foot speed to be in the lineup every night.

I'm not sure where he'll end up. If I had to guess, I'd say he ends up at a smaller program.

Anonymous said...

Mac voy has the tools, not the work ethic. he has had subpar days and needs to play high end consistant work all the time hockey. he could be real good cuzz he can pass and score. he will flourish with a new attitude and a chance to play elsewhere. None of those recruits last year are top end players anyway.

Anonymous said...

Jack Johnson isn't a top end player?

Goon said...

Goon thinks that Jack is an awesome player. Its like yawn already. What the hell are we going to do after the NHL playoffs are over? Is it Ducktober yet?

Anonymous said...

How does jack fit??

he will be gone like Van Ryan and play someplace- he is selfish and tough, but there are many tougher!!

A goon if you may!