Monday, April 17, 2006

A Couple Interesting Notes

At the Michigan hockey banquet last week, athletic director Bill Martin announced that Red Berenson had been given a new three year contract. It seems pretty likely that Red will retire at the end of this three year contract. For the past couple years, Red has stopped promising players that he will be around for his entire career. Once he retires, the reins will likely be handed over to longtime assistant Mel Pearson.

There had been rumors during the season that college hockey would change the rules regarding goaltender equipment size and forces goalies to wear the smaller pads that goalies in the NHL now have to wear. That seems to be the case, since Michigan was selling all of their goalie pads at their garage sale last weekend, in anticipation of having to buy new NHL-size pads next season. I think it's a great move to shrink the goalies down a little and get more scoring in the game.


Anonymous said...

Let's just call that the, "Brian Elliott Rule." Bastards! (;

gmf1a said...

Smaller pads would be a benefit to college hockey.

Goal tenders are getting larger themselves and the pads make a small opening for shot making.

Look back at 1980 olympics films .. goalie pads left a big 5 hole.

Runninwiththedogs said...

mmmm... just what I need. Stinky hockey pads.

Badger Backer said...

Brian Elliott could be out there in jogging shorts and a wife beater and I'd still expect him to keep the other team under 2 goals.