Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ryan Potulny Turns Pro

This was pretty much expected, but Ryan Potulny signed with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Potulny was recently bumped from 7th to 4th on's list of top 20 Flyers prospects, but his profile contained this quote:"While scouts still seem split on exactly how well Potulny’s game will translate at the pro level, his emergence as one of the premiere offensive weapons in the NCAA has undoubtedly increased his overall stock"

That about sums it up with Potulny. I don't think he'll ever be a huge threat 5-on-5, but he may be able to carve out a solid niche as a dangerous guy on the powerplay.


Anonymous said...

Will Irmen and Kessel be far behind

Anonymous said...

You make it sound like Potulny only did his damage on the power play. He still scored over 20 goals at even strength. I'd say that shows he isn't a player that simply relies on the special teams to score.

I guess by the logic we are seeing here, David Backes won't score at all on the next level since he scored less total goals than Potulny scored even when you take away his power play goals.

Bruce Ciskie said...

Why does it always end up getting mentioned, either directly or indirectly, that Chris is a Mankato fan?

I thought he made a sound point about Potulny. It certainly wasn't meant to be insulting.

Then again, what's to be expected of someone too lazy or too chicken to attach their name to a post?

Chris said...

I never mentioned anything about Potulny's play this year. I said I don't think he will excell in the NHL in 5-on-5 situations. If you think he has the skating ability to do that, more power to you.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention his play this year but the remark about his five on five vs. power play production on the next level would seem to insinuate that you think his production is probably due to certain circumstances as opposed to just being an all around good offensive player.

Backes was brought up because we didn't see any qualifiers on his pro chances on this blog when he signed. Just a bit odd that we see a qualifier next to a player that outplayed Backes. I guess it is all duckies and bunnies with Bruce though. Sorry for making any counter remarks fella.

Anonymous said...

The reason it ends up getting mentioned that Chris is a Mavs fan - especially in this case - is because as a Mavs fan, it colors his opinion on anything pertaining to the Gophers (as a UMD fan you should be well aware of that fact).

As an MSU fan (or as a Michigan fan), he doesn't like the Gophs, and he makes that quite clear from time to time.

Maybe he'll be right about Potulny, maybe he'll be wrong. I remember watching Brandon Bochenski in high school and thinking he looked like a drunken elk on skates, never would have thought he would make it at the next level, much less play in the NHL some day. But damn if he doesn't have an unexplainable nose for the net. Look at him now.

-Sean from South St. Paul

Runninwiththedogs said...


I don't know what drunken elk YOU were referring to, but most of them can skate! I mean, they're all over Canada...


Anonymous said...

Well I just saw Potulney's Hobey video, and BORING!!! All the shots of him were scoring goals about 5 feet from the net. If those were his "highlights" that's pretty fuckin sad. I know he can do a LITTLE more, like doing one move before he shoots, the Gopher media really fucked up on that one.