Friday, March 24, 2006




Bruce Ciskie said...

Yeah. That was freaking awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving it.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Am I in the right universe?

Bob said...

It was amazing... I wish the dorms at NMU had ESPN U.

Goon said...

Words can not explain what I witnessed last night, they were literally Goofer fans getting short with Sioux fans after the game because we were enjoying the moment.

One of my buddies had some Gopher fan say you don't want to play us. Ah? Your done for the season.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe what I saw. I had heard that it was 2-1 Holy Cross after 2 on the way back from one of my prior commitments and I didn't get to tune in until there was about 7 minutes left in the 3rd period. I watched the rest of the game thinking "Ok, no way this is going to end a tie in regulation." Then regulation ends. Then I say "Ok, Ryan Potulny will get an odd man rush goal in the first minute, first shot of OT. Holy Cross did great,but this is where it ends." Then Holy Cross scores and I utter an exultant whoop that is quite, frankly, loud enough that I could have gotten in trouble... Way to go Holy Cross!

Anonymous said...

As a Gophers fan, it's hard (probably impossible) to find anything resembling a silver lining to this dubious fate.

Here's a remote possibility of achieving that: while time (and a boatload of money) heals all wounds, if you're Potulny, Irmen, Kessel, Wheeler, Chucko, etc. (guys who may likely leave a couple years of eligibility on the table and turn pro), how can you stand the thought of THAT GAME being your lasting legacy at the University of Minnesota?!?!

I unlike many people did not downplay the MacNaughton championship. It's a testament to a great team to be able to survive the gauntlet that is the WCHA regular season, and it was a great ride. But whenever I think of the 2005-06 college hockey season, it will be impossible to think of anything other than having to physically hoist my jaw off the damn floor after that OT game-winner.

Most agonizing Gophers hockey loss of my lifetime, bar none. Right there with losing to Harvard in OT in '89 title game, right there with Mike Legg in '96.

Only thing that can remove this awful taste is if most or all of the whole damn crew returns and dominates, and wins all three trophies next year, like they should have done with ease this year.

Quote from The Blog that Yost Built today: "At least we didn't lose to Holy Cross. Bwahahahahahaha!"

Whether or not these kids read blogs like this or not I doubt, but I'm quite sure they have to know the entire college hockey world is laughing hysterically at them today .... and will be for weeks.

Anonymous said...

", and wins all three trophies next year, like they should have done with ease this year."

Not another one of "these" gopher fans. There's a reason why everyone is ripping a Gopher fan a new asshole on the usho board. I just don't understand why you guys have to be sooooo arrogant.

Anonymous said...

And thanks a lot you gopher fucks, for making a disgrace out of the WCHA.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit the "with ease" tag-on was a little much, and I regret that. Nothing comes easy in high-level athletics.

And I'm not bothered by being labeled as arrogant, though I personally don't feel I am. I'm willing to call a spade a spade, and the Gophers choked Friday like no team in NCAA hockey history has done so. They had the most talent in the country, and I'm simply saying that should have translated better than it actually did. It's simple: if the Gophers played at the end of the season like they were in January and February, they would have taken care of their business. But for some reason they didn't.

Of the three trophies (MacNaughton, Broadmoor and the national championship) I think the MacNaugthon is the toughest, though I'm not trying to fall back on that now. The WCHA is still the best league in college hockey - with ease!

Knowing what I know about the game this year, I'd have a hard time betting against another all-WCHA title game in Milwaukee.