Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Team USA World Junior Camp Announced

Team USA announced the players that will be attending their tryout camp for the World Junior Championship later this summer.

A listing of the players named can be found here.

I've gone ahead and made my own predictions of who I think will make the team.


Cory Schneider
Jeff Frazee


Nate Hagemo
Brian Lee
Jack Johnson
Matt Lashoff
Mike Brennan
A.J. Thelen
Zach Jones


Chris Bourque
Phil Kessel
Kevin Porter
Robbie Schremp
Adam Pineault
Bobby Ryan
Jack Skille
Shawn Weller
Tom Fritsche
Geoff Paukovich
Chad Kolarik
Peter Mueller
Jim Fraser

Overall, I think this is a pretty solid team. It's probably a little better than the team that finished in 4th place last year. The big question is if Cory Schneider can perform well in goal. He should have a much stronger defense in front of him though.

Canada also announced the players that would be going to their tryout camp. Three college players, Dan Bertram of BC, Kris Chucko of Minnesota, and Andrew Cogliano of Michigan, were picked to go. College players always face an uphill battle in making Team Canada. It's a tremendous honor to make Canada's World Junior team. I think Bertram is the only one with a chance of making the team. I'm not really sure of what type of talent Canada has though.

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